Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Headline: World Leaders Gather To Try To Save Earth

How bloody arrogant. In the first place, the earth doesn't need saving. The earth is fine. If there was something wrong with the earth, what the hell is a bunch of assholes wearing $5000 suits and flying around in planes designed to carry hundreds of people, going to do about it? Swill $50 drinks and eat $500 meals? Screw $5000 hookers.
All paid paid for with money extorted from people most of whom spend most of their lives hungry?
What a bunch of TURDS!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Of Guns and Knives



I've always liked knives. I like them a lot. Too much, maybe, considering the number of times I've inadvertently nicked, poked, slashed or hacked myself. I'd probably have more knives, but I also happened to like guns. So far, I haven't shot myself. Just about any gun costs much more than most knives, so if I buya gun, it counts for anywhere from two to twenty knives I might have bought.

Back in the late 1960's & early 1970's, admission to Knott's Berry Farm was free. That was while the venerable Walter Know and his wife were still alive and at the helm of the park. Day after day, sometimes two or three times a week I could be found strolling through the Knott's ghost town, ogling the guns and knives and other Old West tools and toys in the three or four musea in the park. This digression, unlike many, has a relevant point.

There were also a number of stores that were licensed to operate within the park, and that weren't out of place there. One was Bob's Knife shop. N ow, I did buy a few knives from Bob's, expensive as they were in a theme park shop. The one I didn't buy, but left fingerprints and drool stains all over, was a huge, beautiful Bowie, with a blade almost as long as my forearm.

The knife was shiny stainless, with a finger notch in front of the guard and a copper strip over the top of the blade from the clip back to the upper guard. I'm told that was a soft metal strip designed to catch your opponent's blade edge, maybe to pull his knife out of his hand, with any luck.

This fantastic Bowie was in prominent display above and behind the clerk's station behind the cash register. Its price tag proclaimed its value to be a tough 0over $75. That's $75 in 1970 dollars! I was earning about $7/hr at the time (not terrible wages), and was a single dad with a young son in a private school.

I never did get the knife.

In more recent years, I've acquired several knives, including a very nice Bowie and a stunning Buck General. Why Buck discontinued that one is a mystery.

Although I'm not a fanatic about it, I'll still buy more knives--those that catch my eye.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Agenda 21

I haven't read United Nations Agenda 21. I'm going totally on second-hand information, largely from people I trust. Even if they're wrong, what I'm about to write stands, with good reason, on the evidence of what I've read, heard and seen.

They're saying they think there are too many people on this planet. Some say there should be 90% fewer people on earth. Some even go as far as to say the planet would be better off without humanity. (If that were achieved, who would make the evaluation?)

The rumor (if it is a rumor) is that there are those who consider themselves the elite in various parts of the world, would like to find an excuse to conduct mass liquidations of we, the excess, to bring the numbers down to a more manageable level. The simple logistics would seem quite daunting to the most ambitious mass murderer.

But then:

Crazed "environmentalists" are trying to stop, hobble, throttle, delay and criminalize every item of technology the civilized world regards necessary or convenient to live a comfortable, happy life. Without these technologies, millions would die of exposure, starvation and disease in a very small time period. Many Americans and Europeans, beneficiaries of this technology the same as the rest of us, favor this regression to the primitive. Do they actually think they'll be unaffected by the doom they advocate? 

Ebola is a very formidable disease. It has killed thousands in Western Africa, and promises to kill thousands more. One prominent member of the US elite has moved deliberately to bring the disease to the United States.

Boco Harum, a particularly insane group of islamic savages, is also committing mass murder campaigns in Africa, while these same African governments refuse to allow the local villagers to acquire weapons with which to defend themselves.

The islamic state, another group of mental basket cases, is doing similarly in parts of the Middle East. They're threatening to franchise.

I wonder at the nature of the individuals who fund this activity and keep it going. Are they rehearsing for a larger series of coups, in order to see what works best? 

Governments are ravenous in their desire to take control of the productivity of every working individual, giving undeserved benefits to the nonproductive, reinforcing their sloth.

Mankind has always had a suicidal element, and it usually ends up in government. I wonder what they think they'll do when they've eaten everything the productive class have made. It's beginning to look like removing ourselves from their reach is the best defense.