Sunday, July 17, 2016

The End of the Noble Experiment?

Those who follow my posts will know of my general dislike and mistrust of police departments as institutions, because 1) they steal private property without following the rules of due process, 2) They invade private property without a properly executed warrant, 3) They detain individuals and groups without proper warrants, 4) They often injure and kill individuals and animals without need.

However, looking through my rose-colored glasses, we (most of us) need some sort of peace keeping organization in our complex industrial society. Callous and incompetent as they are, city police departments are the peace keeping organizations that we have. They're mostly as awful as they are because of their vile, rotted leadership. Politically appointed chiefs of police. 

We are now experiencing an unprecedented number of attacks on nominally good, competent rank and file police officers, which will soon begin to undermine effect the general peace and order of our society.
Needless to say, our elected officials will drag their feet setting up commissions and blue ribbon panels to study the problem. They will not act to solve it. And people will die: not only police officers and would be assassins, but peaceful individuals as well.

To help combat this, I recommend that all individuals buy weapons of self defense, learn to use them effectively and safely, and kep them handy, law or no law, for your own self defense and that of nearby others. Fuck the politicians and their foot dragging, their anti-self defense laws and damn their existence. Live for yourself.