Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schiavo

She's gazing down at all the commotion, asking her friend, "Why are they making such a fuss about my old body? It's pretty obvious that I've left it long ago."

If you believe in that sort of thing. Actually, she's just gone. It's sad, really. Her dead body, heart still beating and lungs still breathing because a quirk left a small part of her brain still functioning because she's still receiving nourishment--or was, until a couple of days ago.

I don't know why her husband is so adamant about putting an end to her bodily functions. Money? Maybe. A sincere desire to fulfill her verbally stated wishes? Maybe. Every excuse that's been given has an answer. He's been offered a ton of money just to go away and leave Terri in the care of her parents.

But, she's dead. She's been dead for most of the past fifteen years.

Obviously, Terri's case is a tragedy, and it's upsetting to hear about things like this...difficult to imagine how I'd handle it.

The think that hits me most is the way the conservative politicians and media people are going crazy over this situation. I wouldn't have thought anything would get 'em away from the "War on Terror,"(aka building the perfect police state) and the Michael Jackson trial.

Florida law give Terri's guardianship to her husband. Her husband says she told him that should anything like this happen, she wouldn't want to be kept alive this way. He wants the medics to work her will--all gone over by numerous doctors, lawyers and judges and found to be in accordance with Florida law, and consistent with Terri's body's condition.

Talk show guys rail over the suffering caused by Terri's body's being starved and denied water! Federal Congressfools obsess over the fact that they have no control over the situation, yet try to take control anyway.

I'm reminding myself of a series of scenes in the movie, "Rollerball." The first one, with James Caan playing the lead role. His teammate, "Moonpie," I guess some kind of defenseman, gets clobbered by an overly aggressive member of the other team. He takes Moonpie's helmet off and deals him a skullcrushing blow. Moonpie is left in a vegetative state on life support.

Jonathon, Caan's character, somehow, becomes the go to guy for permission to pull the plug on Moonpie. Jonathon says no, and had Moonpie moved to a special, atrium-like room, where he can rest under the blue sky forever. But Moonpie was dead! Heart kept beating and lungs kept breathing by marvalous technology, but no brainwaves and no action/reaction. Just like Terri.

Can't Congress quit this futile waste of time and get down to their real job: the serious business of saving major-league baseball fron Demon Drugs??

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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? said...

another blog that i read had a question for everyone about this, "what does everyone think?"

instead of writing it again, i'll cut and past my comment:

At 12:58 PM, ms. o'hara said...
you know, i'm torn and i'm not, if that makes any sense at all.

When i see that women on TV she doesn't seem "unhappy". As a matter of fact, it almost appears as if she is smileing when her family is around.

I think its easy for you and i to sit here and say, "i wouldn't want to live that way" but honestly i think we're being selfish SOMEWHAT. We say that because we are used to our life, used to our legs, brain, mouth, eyes everything working right. Its like seeing someone paralyzed from the neck down, having to be hand fed, having someone change your diapers etc. It doesn't sound pleasant, it doesnt sound like a good way to live but people survive. And alot of quadro whatever that word is, are greatful to just be able to see their family and freinds even through they can't participate in most activities.

Mother knows best, i've always believed this, except where mother or parents have been abusive. Any mother in this world that love her child the way you and i love our own would only want to do what right for our kids. If my daughter was in that particular state, but, didn't smile, didn't even ignowledge that i or anyone else in the room was there then i don't believe i'd want her to suffer, or live that way, but this women seems to have reaction to whats going on around her, maybe not alot of reaction but obviously enough for her parent to believe she is still worthy of living. Her husband should just let her, let her family deal with her, i mean really, its been so many years now, he's went on with his life, why doesn't he just drop this and blow off in the wind, its seems he's only doing it now to "win" and thats wrong.

How could anyone take the life a person that has family that love her and want to keep her alive? i couldn't take anyones child away from anyone regardless of the situation. That mother brought that girl into this world, she should be able to say when it is time for her to leave this world.

sorry for all that, but, you asked :)

another women argued:
At 2:53 PM, katie said...
This woman is in a totally different state than someone who is a quadriplegic. She is a vegetable and will be for the rest of her life. Doctors have said that she has no sense for what is going on around her and cannot hear, smell, feel, taste, etc. Someone that is paralyzed is not a vegetable and has some of these senses left. The occasional moan or movement that this woman makes is simply her refexes and she is in no way controling it. She has been this way for 16 years without any change in her state. Her husband has stood by her because he loves her and wants what is best for her. He knows that anyone in their right mind would not want to "live" like this.

( i had to respond back):

At 6:40 PM, Ms.O'hara said...
that may be true, she is different then a "quadro,whatever" but honestly, how in the hell does a doctor know if she can taste? smell? feel? thats a bunch of shit.

Give me a break, how many freaking doctors have told people, they will never walk again and a year, or 2 or 3 or 4 years later they are walking?

I'm not saying that she's gonna get better but honestly, give me a freaking break! if her brain can still make her lungs work and her heart beat then how in the hell can you say she's not worth living? How can doc's say she doesn't have any other senses? i say BULL SHIT!!!!!

I just seen the priest that went in to visit with her when they took her tube out, he came directly out and said, when he put his hands on her, she smile slighty.

have a freaking heart here!!!

sorry for all that.