Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Convertibles in Southern California

This is my third convertible. It's a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It's a great car: smooth and fast for a big car. Not only that, but it's comfortable with the top down. Posted by Hello

I often notice a very odd thing with convertibles here in SoCal. Most people, when they drive with the top down, leave the windows up. Wierd! The other thing, some of the newer luxo-droptops have a kind of a screen that goes up behind the seats. It really looks funny--I call it a girly screen because the obvious reason for it is to keep any trace of moving air from touching the lady's hair.

You might as well have a Datsun sedan.

Now, I have long hair--the standard issue biker's pony tail. I love it when it blows in the wind. I usually drive with the top and windows down, and no girly screen.

The Olds is my third convertible. Right after I got out of the Navy, I had a '55 Ford Sunliner. A really cool car, but my brother rolled it over. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt.

After I moved to Anaheim, I bought a 1959 Triumph TR3 roadster. I loved that car! The top only went up when it rained. It was low, quick and noisy.

None of them had a girly screen. The Triumph didn't even have windows--just plastic side screens you kept in the itty bitty trunk that could be snapped onto the doors if you were feeling puny. I only used them once, when driving across the Mojave when the temp was less than 40 and the crosswind was more than that.

After the Triumph, it was all motorcycles for many years.

The Olds is an nice, comfortable old-timer's convertible that's comfortable cruising from here to Phoenix and in stop-and-go on the way to work.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


? said...


i must say, i really dig your style.
All the cars are beautiful and that roadster looks like it was be pretty fun to drive.

And i'll second that thing on motorcycles. I grew up on the back of motorcycles. Luckily i grew up in the ag country of California, my dad would sit my on the gas tank, my brother on the back and we would right all over the back road. Of course i ate to many bugs but i tell you, it was better then any roller coaster ride i've ever been on.

And then there are all my ex's who just somehow, coincidentally had motorcycles too...hehe.

ok, maybe its not a coink a dink, but hey, what can i say, i'm just a motorcycle kinda girl..

thank for sharing, and oh yeah, i may need to see a picture of this "pony-tail" sometime.


? said...


finally, a face to match the voice/words

I seen your picture on your profile, hope you don't mind me being nosey, just thought i'd let you know.