Monday, June 20, 2005

Leaving a Sinking Ship

My son works for U-Haul. He tells me that many, many people are renting trucks and trailers to move out of California to Nevada, Arizona and points east.

One of my brothers just bought a house and plans to move to Arizona this summer. My other brother moved to Texas many years ago.

California, like New York, Taxachusetts and a number of other states, seems to be attempting to tax and regulate Productivity to death. Every now and then, we hear of one of America's medium-sized-to-larger corporations moving its home offices out of California.

Governor Arnold claims to be attempting to reverse the trend, but he has to work through the state legislature--a mangier pack of thieves and would-be slavemasters you'll not find in any single city this side of Pyongyang. My money's on California bankruptcy in my lifetime.

They're giving away the state to the non-Productive for votes, and financing it by ripping off the Productive--any of us that actually dares to aspire to reach middle class. If you happen to make six-figures, there's a bull's eye painted on your back.

Just about everyone I know who makes pretty good money--and works his butt off for it--is at least thinking about bailing. We're checking out which states have the lowest taxes and the smallest state governments. We're wondering if we can find a job in our career areas there, that'll pay enough to let us maintain *or even improve* our lifestyle.

Well, I just read the ultimate story in yesterday's OC Register. The ultimate refugee.

The headline: California Condors Soar Through Arizona Skies.

And we thought they were dying off! Barbara Streisand! They all went to Arizona, where taxes are lower, fewer regulations, and better pickin's. My parrot tells me that the seagulls are planning a move, as well. I'm hoping they opt for Oregon.

They've killed Freedom! Those Bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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Ol' BC said...

Sheds a whole new light on the term bird brain, doesn't it? Amazing how the U.S. treasury increases revenues every time taxes are cut. Is anybody paying attention?