Monday, August 29, 2005

The Year's Worst Tragedy

Hurricane Katrina is, even now, spreading destruction in the area surrounding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. A massive evacuation has taken place and the storm is having its way with the area. I certainly hope damage is less than predicted by the news media yesterday and overnight. My fervent hope is that no more lives are lost in this storm and that rebuilding will be easier than predicted.

Even now, nations around the world are setting up agencies to collect donations of needed supplies and money to aid the victims in the path of the storm.

Undersecretary Jan Egeland of the United Nations is personally involved in the coordinating efforts to effectively bring the disaster aid from all the nations in the world to the disaster area.

Ethiopia has already pledged $15 million dollars in aid, Iran $10 million and France a whopping $35 million. More countries are expected to announce their pledges in the coming hours.

Oh, wait! Someone just handed me....Mr Egeland is actually asking that the United States send these amounts to these countries? Are you sure?

Well then.....

Never mind.

Remember, Vote for No Incumbent!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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Ol' BC said...

And just to rub a little salt in the wound, we probably will. Why, I've yet to figure out.