Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hitler's Intellectual Heirs Live in Calabasas

There's a great fear across the City of Calabasas. It is the fear that someone, somewhere across that vast metropolitan area, someone might be enjoying himself.

I smoked cigarettes (and occasionally, cigars) for about twenty-two of the years between 1960 and 1992. I quit for the final time in '92 because I thought I was getting too old to abuse myself like that anymore, and it was getting expensive.

I still like the notion of smoking and kind of enjoy watching someone smoking, if they're enjoying it.

I never believed, nor will I ever believe, that "second-hand smoke" is as harmful as actually smoking--as it's put forth by the anti-smoking nazis and pipelined through the news media. Too many variables: Second hand smoke in a closed room? In a car? No ventilation? Yeah, that would be a problem if one is in such a place with several smokers for several years, but there's no chance that the occasional whiff one might catch in the open air of a sidewalk restaurant is going to be an issue in the milieu of deisel, gasoline, coal and wood smoke fumes that we breathe every day.

So the city of Calabasas has made smoking illegal everywhere within the city limits. Exceptions? Private dwellings. In a car with the windows rolled up. Designated smoking areas scattered about the city, like they do at Disneyland (Disneyland is private property).

The City of Calabasas has this decreed that, even though you might nominally, own your home, automobile or place of business, the City of Calbasas is going to control what you do there--just as various other jack-booted government agencies control how various other private places of business deal with themselves and their clientele.

Adolf says, "My work here is done."

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,
Col. Hogan

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TWC said...

If you had been in Rochelle's basement with Shepard and those guys smoking like fiends, well, yeah, it was bad man.