Sunday, April 09, 2006

....But, it Ain't All Bad

I know that much of my writing here tends toward the negative. Just about everything government does tends to make life harder than it might otherwise be, and there is a lot of that continually being imposed on all of us. On the other hand, after many of my readings, I marvel at just how bad life seemed to have been for those alive in the past.

There has been positive progress in the lives of those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the "free" portions of the world. If we wish to continue this trend and perhaps increase it, we should advocate and work toward an increase in freedom and a diminishing of government interference in our loves.

The article that prompts my feeling of optimism is here, written by libertarian philosopher Tibor Machan and published in the Yuma Sun.

Progress continues in the high-tech areas. Computers keep getting better, smaller, less expensive. Government, always short on brain power (though long on brute force) hasn't learned to deal with hi-tech yet, although not for want of trying.

Medical progress is still being made, slowly, constantly battling against the FDA and other government agencies who are bent on returning medicine to blood letting and leachings. One can only imagine the paradise in which we'd be living but for all the malevolent meddling by the power mad.

Increases in our communications ablilties (the internet, radio and telephone tech) is undeniably our best reason for optimism. Note how government shenanigans hit the internet almost instantly, and the MSM then has no choice but to go with the story. Note how individuals of manner of philosophical opinion have access to the new hi-tech form of pamphleteering. 'Twas pamphleteering that aided the American Revolutionaries begin the great experiment that is America.

The experiment is floundering a bit under the shackles of a more and more oppressive government, but communication and activism can help remove obstacles from each of our paths.

So, FAA, won't you get out of the way so I can have my flying car?


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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