Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yet Again, Another Case of Not Enough Guns

She got a little to close to this unstable individual, too soon. Only after they'd moved in together did she find out about his uncontrollable fits of anger. After his propensity to physical abuse showed itself, she moved out. The man, unable to let it go, began threatening to commit suicide. He threatened her and threatened to harm members of her family, and even her pets.

She got a restraining order and changed her phone number. Rebecca Griego was afraid for her life.

She worked at the University of Washington. Because U of Washington is an educational facility, it's illegal to carry firearms or other weapons on campus.

Yesterday, Jonathan Rowan murdered Rebecca Griego at her workplace, then committed suicide. Apparently Mr Rowan was unaware of the fact that weapons are banned on school campi.

According to an AP story here, her boss said, "She did everything that a person in her situation could have done, other than leaving town."

Well, she didn't do everything.

As early as grammar school, her parents could've enrolled her in martial arts classes. As soon as she could physically handle it, they might've begun teaching her how to handle a firearm safely and how to shoot. Failing that, she could've begun these things herself, as soon as she attained adulthood.

Had Rebecca been capable of defending herself either by means of martial arts or with a weapon, she might very well have been able to successfully defend herself against this subhuman thug.

Had lawmakers been more in touch with the facts of reality, they'd never have banned weapons of self defense on school grounds (or anywhere else). Anyone who wishes to commit suicide, and take a number of others with him, need have no concern. He knows he'll have the only gun. Mr Rowan was free to carry out his evil plan without fear of effective resistance.

Although Ms Griego informed Campus Security and her coworkers of the restraining order and circulated Mr Rowan's photo amongst these same individuals, there was nothing that a disarmed campus could do against a deranged individual bent 'pon murder and suicide. She received no warning.

Sad. Many individuals are scared to death of even the sight of a firearm, but not afraid to set up housekeeping with people they barely know.

An armed society is a polite society.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

And the only response the university officials would muster would probably be to pass more regulation banning guns.

As you said, the best way is to look after yourself.

Dee said...

As you said, the best way is to look after yourself.
True MK, but remember that poor security guard (a woman) who had been bashed to a pulp and, shaking and covered with blood, turned her gun on her attacker and killed him? You would have thought she was Attila the Hun after what the courts and MSM put her through after the event. She should have been given a medal!
Col, brilliantly argued. But I fear it's falling on deaf ears in those countries such as Australia with its community supported ridiculous gun laws. The increasingly interventionist government powers have a stake in keeping the population unarmed. How many stories such as these have we already heard?

Col. Hogan said...

With a very few exceptions, all recent multiple murders have been carried out 'pon "gun free" sites, ie schools, post offices and other government office buildings.

Why not, if you can be sure there will be no armed opposition?

Our right to self defense is the most fundamental right of man. We, each of us must find the means to defend ourselves to the best of our ability. A government that attempts to limit the individual's right to defend himself and his family and property isn't interested in the welfare of its people.

Dee said...

Our right to self defense is the most fundamental right of man.
I completely agree with you there. I'd like to post something like this on my blog but Australians have never really enjoyed the right to bear arms in the same way as you have over there. We've had some terrible travesties of justice as a result. May still do it though when I get right moment, or story.

Col. Hogan said...

As an individual who has occasionally mulled over the possibility of moving Down Under, my conclusion is always "not without my guns."

Guns are only one manner of self defense, and I know others, to a larger or lesser degree, but dammit! as a recreational hobby, guns are fun!