Thursday, June 21, 2007

Could It Be Any Worse?
"It's far from perfect, but it's a good start."

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that whenever Congress (or the State House, or the City Council) approves a new program--usually one that limits individual rights even more than before--whoever is speaking invariably recites a variation of the above quote. What this always means is that the problem the legislation is allegedly supposed to solve will not be solved, but the increasing impositions 'pon the rights and lives of We The People will happen anyway.

This happens time after time after time.

In the future, what I want my servants in Congress and other legislative bodies to do is: hold off on enacting the program until it is perfect. That is to say, that it will solve the problem it's supposed to solve, and that it will not impose 'pon the rights and property of any individual.

You Congressmen, State legislators and City Concilmen get extreme pay and benefits, and get treated with a lot more respect than most of you deserve. The least you ought to do is take the time and effort to get it right.

"Far from perfect" isn't good enough.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Aurora said...

Col, great post! What a sad and sorry excuse for mediocrity that comment is. We pay a lot of tax and it's their duty to create something that's worth what we're paying. But the problem is, they know that if they don't, what are the people going to do? More and more the power is being taken out of the hands of the individuals and assumed by those at the top. Democracy is becoming an illusion.

Ol' BC said...

Yes, Aurora, democracy is becoming an illusion. Did you by chance norice the Colonel posted at 5:45 AM? I'm impressed Colonel!

steveintx said...

Anyway of the five democrats pictured, one is gone, one is soon to be gone, one is irrelevent, and the two women are stupid. Dangerous, but still stupid.

Ol' BC said...

That's good Steve. I never thought someone in Texas would point to our president as a Donk, even if he does outspend them. They're off to a good start for some high powered catch up though.

steveintx said...

I supported GWB as governor and his first term as president. His second term I didn't vote for him, I voted against J effen Kerrey. Now....JHC I don't even recognize this El Presidente Jorge Jauqin Arbusto. What a horrible letdown.

Anonymous said...

ahem, did you swipe that .jpg from TWC without attribution? Or do I just wish you had?

Love it either way.

The Wine Commonsewer

Col. Hogan said...

Had it in my photo files for a long time. In the words of the women who would be President, "I don't recall."