Monday, August 27, 2007


"Several centuries ago, providing the basic necessities for one's survival was a matter of daily drudgery for most people. But Americans today enjoy conveniences undreamed of by medieval kings. Every day brings some new useful household gadget, or a new software system to increase our productivity, or a breakthrough in biotechnology. So, it is worth asking: Why do Americans have no unique holiday to celebrate the creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs who have made all of this wealth possible--the men of the mind?"

- Fredric Hamber of the Ayn Rand Institute

We have the upcoming Labor Day holiday that salutes men-of-muscle, why not a day to commend those who create the places in which these men and women work? How about the brainiacs who create the things that're fabricated in the factories? What about the capitalists who invest in the creator's vision?

While I have minor issues with the Ayn Rand Institute, I wholeheadedly agree with most of their positions regarding the scientists and inventors who create the technology that keeps us schlubs from having to look under rocks for our supper.

Tip o' the battered grey fedora to Chuck Muth

Playing with fire will cook your steaks.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Very true CH.

I'd have to say many of them go unnoticed because they don't do it for the fame or fortune. Good on them none the less.

Aurora said...

Col, I've never thought of it like that though I greatly appreciate our movers and shakers and the ones who make the economic world go round. Those who are much maligned by those who would prefer that we all walk around like automatons reliant on the nanny state.
Great idea.

Ol' BC said...

I agree as well. If we are subjected to a Hitlery regime, we may well see an end to discovery in many many areas - particularly health and medicine as she nationalizes them. It's quite a scary proposition.