Sunday, March 22, 2009

By His Gods Ye Shall Know Him

I was opposed to GHW Bush's Iraq war from the start. The short reason? Iraq hasn't attacked the US. Iraq's oil is Iraq's oil, not ours. I might lament the fact that the oil isn't owned by a number of private oil firms, but I have no chips in that pot.

I don't know how much GHWB's war had to do with the intensification of the crazed islamist hatred of all things civilized, but the Clinton Presidency did no good calming things down. Now, since the destruction of the World Trade Center, it seems that GW Bush has plunged the US into a 100-Years War by taking his eyes off the puck and swinging his stick at everyone in the area.

I was guardedly ok with the military effort to capture Osama bin Llama and his crazed henchmen and bringing them to justice. The problem was, like often happens with power-mad politicians, GWB couldn't be satisfied with just that.

The result is that much of the middle east is at war with the US, and with Israel. Well, they've always been at war with Israel.

Now, we have a new power-mad President who ran, in part, on the proposition that we end the war in the middle east. Well, B Hussein Obama isn't ending the war quickly enough to satisfy America's tantrum-prone, anti-intellectual anti-war-when-they-want-to-be far left.

I could join an anti-war rally, theoretically. I am opposed to the war on Constitutional grounds, as well as philosophical ones.

There was an anti-war protest in Hollywood yesterday to mark, as this story in today's Daily News reports, six years since the US invasion of Iraq.

The above photo tells me all I need to know to make me decide to steer very clear of this kind of event. The most prominent protester in this particular photo wears a vest with photos of the evil Che Guevara, one of Fidel Castro's bloodthirstiest murderers. This savage killer helped Fidel Castro gain control of what was once a tropical paradise in the Caribbean, Cuba.

The long-standing blockade against trade and tourism into Castro's Cuba, and the world's fawning leftist media, are the only reasons we don't know the extent of the suffering and death caused by the Castro regime.

They are the same reasons why idiot leftists can worship Guevara without getting the crap beaten out of them on every street corner. I'll wager no one wears a Guevara t-shirt in many portions of Miami, where Cubans in exile patiently wait for Castro to die.

How the image of Che Guevara fits with anti-war activism isn't clear, since Guevara was anything but a pacifist. I guess we have to write it off to the utter irrationality of the leftist anti-war movement--so bereft of philosophical consistency that the stark contradiction cannot be seen.

With "friends" like these.......

Warm regards

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


J Lancaster said...

Interesting take on war and the constitution. I have found myself a bit unsure on the issue for many years and cannot articulate how I stand.

However, I know which side I am not on, which happens to be inhabited by leftists who now find themselves running the show.

All war to an extent is smoke and mirros. Great post!

Col. Hogan said...


If our elected officials would read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and follow them, letter and spirit, we'd have a fair to middling government.

Anonymous said...

"Iraq's oil is Iraq's oil, not ours."

And it still is, they get good money for the oil that westerners have helped dig up and sell.

"How the image of Che Guevara fits with anti-war activism isn't clear, since Guevara was anything but a pacifist."

It is clear if you understand that the left are fascinated with killers and murderous ideologies, they always have been and always will be. Hence they say that 9/11 was deserved and communism ain't so bad.

Ayrdale said...

I like to remind PC lefties of Che's instructions..."Hate is the ultimate factor in revolution. Pure, unmitigated hate, of the type that turns a man into a merciless killing machine."

PC retards who profess to hate hate, yet adore Che, are unaware that socialism is dead.

Democratic ideals as espoused by the free world, and as championed by you heroes of your constitution, are the way forward. You, and your enemies know it. The danger is that you forget that the world is becoming freer, little by little, and among that freedom is the freedom to dissent...and the dissenting voice often makes the most noise...

Col. Hogan said...


One of the American (and British) oil companies' biggest blunders was to develop the oil for the Saudis/Iraqis/Iranians, etc. They should've taken long-term leases, paid the despots for the use of the land, and then removed the oil themselves.

Of course, they'd have had to be prepared to defend their holdings from the dictator governments, or destroy the equipment as they're forced to leave.

Quite a concept: a corporation battling to defend its legally-held foreign assets from the local government!

We'll have to grow better backbones for that!

Col. Hogan said...


If only more of us in the US were capable of reading the Constitution and the Founding Documents and understanding them, the country (and the world) progress could continue, in an atmosphere of freedom.