Friday, May 15, 2009

Facebook, Your Agenda Is Showing!

Rep. Jeff Flake (R Ariz), who appears to have been named after his personality, has been selling himself as a fiscal conservative, bordering 'pon libertarianism, for longer than I've known of him (a couple of years or so). He has been hyped as being tight-fisted with taxpayer dollars and has signed on to the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge and who says on his website “[t]he last thing this economy needs is a tax hike."

Some of the conservatives on my friends list on facebook recommended adding him, which I did. Not paying a lot of attention to politicians, I didn't think much about Flake until I read this article on Freedom's Phoenix about his having introduced a carbon tax bill, and realized he's just another spineless, tax-and-spend socialist like everyone else in Washington DC. Now, I ll have to remove him from my friends list and write on the blackboard 10,000 times, "I will never believe a lying sack-of-shit politician again!"

Apparently Flake has signed onto the algorian notion (which is to say, psychotically ludicrous notion) that carbon, 'pon which our very own bodies are based, is a pollutant. Algorians are, of course, self-hating fools, but writing this nonsense into law is suicidal!

Well, I made that decision many years ago, but I have a severe weakness of trusting people too much. I just momentarily forgot that Flake is, first and foremost, a thievin' politician and once one goes down that road, one can never come back. Am I disillusioned? Maybe a little. It's unfortunate, though, that one is disillusioned hundreds, if not thousands of times in a lifetime. You get used to it.

The reason I entitled this entry for facebook is that I wrote a somewhat scathing message (no profanity) to Flake's facebook page, then watched it disappear from the screen. That tells me that the fine folks at facebook are good with an all-powerful, ever growing government. But hell, who isn't? Just us couple of million libertarians trying to fly under the Luftwaffe radar.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,
Col. Hogan


The Wine Commonsewer said...

It is more likely that Flake, or one of his minions, is who deleted your scathing remarks. Not sticking up for FB here, just sayin' that each and every comment you make can be deleted by the person whose thread, page, or profile it is.

Col. Hogan said...


So, the purpose of this link on fb is to remedy that. Flake seems to have tried very hard to establish (extablish, IYAAVOPS) a reputation as a fiscal conservative and anti-porker.

This kills it all.

This will destroy his standing among libertarians and conservatives, except for those who automatically vote republican no matter what.

Ol' BC said...

Just keep calling out the algorians, Colonel. If they were serious about all their environmental crap, they would be in China, Indian, etc. where most of the pollution is emitted.

T. F. Stern said...

Well, at least you have your own blog, a means of getting your opinion out there without having it slashed.

Col. Hogan said...


And even on US military bases. They're the filthiest (ecologically) places within the country. I think I heard that the famed "Love Canal" cleanup site was originally a military site.

Not that it matters that much--the earth cleans itself up and doesn't need algorians--but the government should clean up its own house first!

Col. Hogan said...


Yeah, and I put this link on facebook, too. I actually have the most difficulty with liars and hypocrites (even more than with socialists, except that they're usually one and the same) and Flake just showed his stripes.

Glen Litsinger said...

Colonel, it might amuse you to know that the Libertarian Hitbabe and I attended a talk held by another "small government conservative" from Maryland, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, late in 2007, in which he waxed hysterically about "peak oil" and the need to launch a new federal effort on the scale of the Apollo mission to develop alternative energy sources. When questioned by myself and other Ron Paul supporters about why taxpayers have to fund a "solution" to a problem, if it is one, that the free market will naturally remedy on its own, he claimed that the problem was too big for capitalism to solve, and only government could do the job. Sound familiar?

Roscoe is a Republican who has been elected and reelected more times than Jesus by the Christians. With conservatives like him, who needs liberals?

Col. Hogan said...


Holy cow! Another flake!

I guess the "little people" are just too stupid to be trusted with laissez faire capitalism. As long as our elected officials can steal enough from the productive to live lives as if they themselves were productive (or drive the rest of us into poverty), all's well with their world.