Monday, February 08, 2010

Katrina Bowl

Ok, so we're all really happy that the Saints won the Hype-er Bowl this year. Everyone, that is, except the folks from Indianapolis. I really was hoping thay'd win inspite of the fact that foopbaw rates a very poor third behind a couple of other games that can be played 'pon a carpet.

I just have one little niggling problem: why is it that every--literally EVERY news or sports story about this game and this team never failed to mention how a win for the Saints would do wonders for the folks in N'Awlins trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina.


Hurricane Katrina, for those with memories de-enhanced by children's prisons, happened almost four-and-a-half years ago. Four-and-a-half years! Get over it!

South Florida had a class three or four hurricane every two or threee years. Typically, they're rebuilt in a few months, and saying it's worth the nuisance to live in such a wonderful place.

Folks equally devastated in coastal areas along the gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabama got relatively little news coverage, very little disaster aid (by comparison) and rebuilt and resumed their lives within a few months.

Four-and-a-half years after N'Awlins' first bad hurricane in recent decades, and there, it seems, has been little or no recovery yet.

To be fair, N'Awlins had a really bad break in the criminal mismanagement of disaster aid by local, state and federal relief agancies, for which literally dozens, maybe hundreds of local, state and federal officials should be taken out to the nearest concrete wall and shot. Literally.

Also, to be fair, a majority of the voters in N'Awlins deserve the hard times they managed to survive for having the suicidal stupidity to re-elect that profoundly inept thievin' idiot they have the incredibly poor judgement to have called Mayor. But for the few thousand remaining productive individuals in that fair city, who certainly voted to give the dunderhead Mayor Nagin a lift from the pointy tip of their boot, not only out of N'Awlins, but out of existence.

The hurricane was only the bare beginning of their problems.

Government defines incompetence.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Ol' BC said...

Not much was said when Clinton took four (4) days to get feds to Florida after Andrew (I think). But is three days getting to Nawlins and one would think the world had come to an end. They are still whining. BTW, if the Colts corners weren't hurt and Tim Jennings was thrust into the lineup - Colts win. Watch the tape.

Col. Hogan said...

I've never worried about how long it takes for the chief thievin' bastard to visit the site of a disaster--or even whether he ever does. He personally isn't going to do anything except make sympathetic sounds anyway. But, if the government is going to unConstitutionally run a disaster aid agency, there should be some effort to get assistance to the victims.

Mayor Ray Nagin essentially shouted "good luck!" as he closed the door on his limo, heading toward points north.

Guber Landroux (sp?) sat in her office waiting to be told what to do.

President Bush put an utter and complete idiot in charge of FEMA, who seemed to think that his job was to see that no one escaped N'Awlins alive. This not before he sent a bunch of jackbooted thugs down there to confiscate all of the citizens' self defense weapons.

I don't remember the details of the assistance given the victoms of Andrew. I do know that the folks living in the area weren't still whining about it four-and-a-half years later.

T. F. Stern said...

I'm with you, and self respecting person should have been able to rebuild an entire life in four years. Only in a welfare state of mind city like New Orleans would there be "victims" clamoring for aid after all these years, demanding no less, their continued hand outs. If that sounds cold or cruel, I guess that's my sin.

Col. Hogan said...

And, as you well know, there have been some pretty horrendous hurricanes in east Texas over the years. I don't recall any hue and cry from those environs (other than requests for ordinary disaster relief for the moments after the event).

I often observe after a big blizzard back east that my home folks up in North Dakota never ask for disaster aid. There are blizzards up there every year, and folks up there live through them and come out stronger--while people in Massachusetts are begging for aid.