Monday, May 10, 2010


I've been thinking about Arizona's new law regarding illegal aliens for several days--since it was passed. At first, it seemed like competing principles--in order to uphold one, I'd have to betray the other.

Normally, I'd have no qualms about inviting any Mexican, Canadian, Englishman, Asian, African or South American to come to any one of the United States to work. In the capitalist society we once were, there was always too much work to do and too few minds and hands to do it. Despite the excesses of some few government subsidized industries and the excesses that attend them, there was plenty of work for immigrants from all parts of the world, and room for them to advance their lives by the use of their own minds and skills.

Today, the once great States have been cruelly smeared into a slimy mess that is becoming more and more like an European fascist dictatorship. Skilled technicians, professionals and scientists are finding it ever harder to enter the country to seek to better their lives, while unskilled laborers are allowed to sneak in, and once here are never to be questioned or challenged.

Many find work, and that's fine. They also are invited to avail themselves of all the largess of a bloated government without having to pay the dues. Free medical care (which most citizens don't get), free government schools (such as they are) many of which offer classes in the student's first language (eliminating the need to learn ours), and the ability to drive the public streets unlicensed and uninsured with impunity (which citizens cannot), to name three.

Many have called for the closing of the borders, to stem the flow of illegal aliens, though I have not. A far better solution would be to disassemble the welfare state, to detax and deregulate business and return to the capitalist origins that made the States great. The services that the illegal aliens get gratis and that the rest of us pay confiscatory taxes for could be provided for far lower cost, far more efficiently and with no strings attached by the free market--in which everyone buys and pays for what he desires--and gets it!

Arizona is a sovereign State. Under the Tenth Amendment, an admonition which the rogue federal government chooses to ignore almost completely, Arizona can control its own affairs independently of the federal government. True, the Constitution reserves to the feds the task of controlling the borders, but the federal government is criminally derelict in this duty.

Further, the federal government unConstitutionally forbids Arizona to withhold welfare state services from illegal foreigners. Arizona is challenging the federal government to "do you job, or we'll do it."

I can't blame them, and I think it'd be good if other States follow Arizona's example.

Or, better still, do away with the welfare state, embrace laissez faire capitalism, and let us pursue our careers in freedom.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Doing away with the welfare state and securing the border is what'll get the illegals out and the good immigrants in.

Col. Hogan said...


Exactly right. Immigrants of the 19th century stepped off the boat and were totally on their own--sink or swim, work or starve. They worked, they learned our ways and our language, and became Americans. Now, we can't find their descendants among the crowds moving along the sidewalks.

Those who find such things important, revere there ancestry and their ancestral homelands privately, and practice ancient rituals within their homes and meeting places. We don't try to force everyone to eat haggis.

T. F. Stern said...

Doing away with the welfare state would do wonders for almost any aspect of life here. Those who think they can't make it on their own would have first hand training on surviving under their own power, those who already can survive in spite of having to carry two or three slothful neighbors will have that much more to spend on things they really would prefer to spend money on and it would quickly be known that there is no free meal so why bother sneaking over the river only to find the kitchen had been shut down. Well done MK.