Sunday, February 15, 2004

For a long time, I thought the President was a lot smarter than the Left was leading us to believe. Certainly, he’s a lot smarter than AlGore….or is he?

We’ve been assured for years that, when the Republicans get the Presidency, coupled with their control of the House and Senate, government would really begin to be brought under control. At any rate, quite the opposite is the case. Spending is completely out of control, and federal law enforcement is completing the destruction of the Bill of Rights and has lost all respect for due process. Because of all this and more, George W Bush has lost my vote in his reelection bid. I’d like to see the Republicans run someone else for President this year--not that I think there’s any chance that’ll happen.

To earn my vote, the following is what the President should have done.

Upon taking office, he should have ordered his staff to go through all of President Clinton’s Executive orders to find the ones that violate the letter and spirit of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They should be repealed immediately.

President Clinton’s tax increases should be repealed completely.

President George HW Bush’s tax increases should be repealed completely.

Spending should be reduced to effect a balanced budget to reflect the tax changes, first by identifying and eliminating obsolete, unneeded and useless government programs, then by cutting all other programs equally to finish the job.

Of course the President has Congress to contend with, and would have a hard time getting much of this by them, but he can still talk about it, explain the reasons and benefits to what he wants to do, and the reasons for it. I’d bet he could sway public opinion enough to scare Congress into at least partial compliance (he does have a majority, after all).

Were he to start moving in that direction, he could regain my vote. Otherwise, I’m staying home.

Col. Hogan