Sunday, July 11, 2004

Someday, we'll again learn to get in and out of our cars without making beeping, honking, chirping and siren sounds, thereby interrupting the conversations of everyone at the nearby sidewalk cafes and coffee shops with serinades of blaring car horns and other annoying noises.

I know it's ever so important to actually get audible reinforcement of the fact that you actually did push the lock button on your handy-dandy keychain magic twanger, announcing to all your arrival at the curb next to the bedroom window of all and sundry, including those trying to sleep, to read or to make love.

Many of us older folks recall those wonderful days when the loudest sound heard when a car parked nearby was that of the door closing.

How wonderful is technology! First we get to hear a highly distorted version of your music, beginning a quarter of a mile away, then begins a chorus of various higher-pitched noises from your door locks and anti-theft sirens.

Where did the ideas of Henry Ford, et al, wander astray?

Col. Hogan

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