Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nazism Rears Its Ugly Head in New Orleans

Armed thugs are going house to house in the New Orleans area--looking for victims to help? No! They're going through relatively undamaged neighborhoods looking for and confiscating firearms, including the legally owned weapons of responsible, productive individuals as described here.

As if to maximize the already overwhelming victimization of the hapless citizens of the area, evil jack-booted thugs are making sure that non-criminals in the area are unable to protect themselves against the looter gangs who have emptied out all the gun and sporting goods stores of their stock of weapons and ammunition.

Much of the actions of the several levels of government before, during and after Hurricane Katrina Vanden Heuvel seems to be aimed at maximizing casualties.

  • Not allowing private individuals and charitable groups to go into the ravaged areas to offer help and effect rescues.

  • Failing to utilize the cities school and transit buses to help the evacuation in the hours prior to the arrival of the storm.

  • Failing to declare a state of emergency until after the situation was far beyond unmanageable.

  • Not allowing the Red Cross, standing by with food, water, clothing, hygeine kits and medical supplies to go to the sports buildings, where people were crowded together in filthy, danerous, wretched conditions and many were dying.

Prior to the arrival of the military (delayed by the inaction of the governor) most rescues were effected by individual police officers and private individuals and groups acting independently of the city and state hierarchy.

While the military is continuing with its search and rescue operation, local authorities are reverting to police state tactics to forcibly move those who wish to stay in their homes (even those outside the flooded areas), render them unable to defend themselves and to keep those who had evacuated from returning to their homes and businesses.

As can be easily seen, government is acting to exacerbate the effects of the tragedy.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Ol' BC said...

Doggone, Colonel, it appears you've actually paid attention to what's happening in NOLA. The major networks would have you believe it's all Bush's fault. With all his faults, I don't think he could cause a hurricane. With the mayor and governor being of the other political party, they won't catch much blame in the mainstream media outlets.

Col. Hogan said...

Bill Kkklinton, windbag first class, actually did cause a couple of hurricanes.

Now, we're hearing that they were goint to build some floodgates at Lake Ponchartrain to lowere the level and lessen the storm surge, but they were stopped by the "Save the Wetlands" morons. We can lay the flood deaths and damage partly at their besandaled and very aromatic feet.

The Kosmik Kid said...

Howdy, Col. Hogan! Excellent commentary on the Nawlins pangummint fiasco. The under-covered fact about the enviros' Clean Water Act lawsuits preventing the Corps of Engineers from strengthening the levees reminds of the similar travesty in NY pre-9/11, in which the absurd legal persecution of the asbestos producers led to the use of inferior fire retardants in the Twin Towers, which in turn most likely led to the towers' collapse and the needless deaths of hundreds of brave men and other innocents. One can only hope that a few of the lefist lawyers and their creepy fellow travelers in the enviro activist movement burned or drowned in the hells of their own creation.

Older but wiser regards,

Col. Hogan said...

There's a special hell reserved for radical environmentalists and gov't regulators. May they find that place soon!

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Great Photo. Nothing the rotten ass government has done has pissed me off as much as the Nu Awlins fiasco.