Friday, October 07, 2005

State of Fear

Mr Crichton didn't address what we're being told is "islamic terrorism" in his book. His terrorists were of the home-grown, greener sort, but the "terrorism" we're continually being warned of seems to fall under the same umbrella.

Aside: Why is it that our Irish cousins aren't really, really angry about the enviro-liars co-opting their color to advance their nefarious causes? Bullshit is brown, not green.

While we're being told day after day that the islamic funny-mentalists are attacking our very way of life (which I tend to believe, by the way), both of our very own fascist political parties are doing their very best to move our way of life toward that of the most restrictive of the islamic dictatorships. I've actually found myself wondering where I can buy a man-burqa and what colors do they come in? I draw the line at pink.

What with the lengthening list of near-terrorist acts, foiled at the last moment by our ever-vigilant spooks (who seem to have been able to do nothing right prior to 9/11/01), we should be utterly grateful that our safety is in such careful hands. What a timely maturation, that transformed our federal law enforcement agencies from oafish jack-booted gestapo-thugs to benevolent protectors of mom, flag and apple pie virtually overnight.

I feel safe, which is ever so different from actually being safe.

It's a wonder how the tv reporters are always able to find any number of people at the airports and train stations who, in the shadow of camo-clad soldiers with M16's, will say with a giggle, "I'm good with it. It makes me feel safe." Never do they make the connection that these stalwarts were, just last year, ditching English class and shotgunning Dad's beer. They don't trust them with ammo for the M16's.

So, what's happening is that in order to safeguard American Freedom, government is turning the country into a police state.

But, we feel safe.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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? said...

Even though 80% of the time i have no clue what your point is politically, i still enjoy reading.

You're just too damn smart for a girl like me.

I admire you so.