Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Jack Boot Thugs Pandemic

In its rush to establish a techno-police state, the current administration is pursuing various seemingly minimally intrusive, and sometimes more intrusive methods of getting We The People more used to the omnipresence of police among the population, who are to be seen as having power to accost, identify and question any individual at any time for any or no reason.

Note a new initiative to thwart "terrorists" in Miami (which has to be distinguished from Miami-Dade, which is in a part of Florida that has many and various problems of its own) a known locus of illegal activity of all sorts. Seems the local Jack-Booted Thugs pick banks, hotels and other public places to seal off the location and check identification of those incarcerated therein, to be allowed to exit, presumably. Woe to the individual who forgets his wallet! Details here. This, presumably, in lieu of actually doing anything effective (and Constitutional) about the evil fundie islamists.

At least one person, Deborah Davis of Arvada, Colorado, is resisting this new pandemic (I use the term "pandemic" not in its real sense, but in the attempt to increase the State of Fear, much like the way it's used by the news media). When she rode a public bus to work, and the bus route happened to pass through a government installation (for the convenience of the government sloths who occupy space in that installation for eight and no more than eight hours a day whenever they can't get out of it) . At a bus stop inside the government drone farm, she was asked to produce identification. She refused. She said no. She was arrested. Some of her supporters refer to her as "the Rosa Parks of the Patriot Act generation." Details here.

As the shackles of the George W Bush police state tighten around the wrists and ankles of all of us (unless you are an Arabic-looking young man), we need to learn to say NO to tyranny in whatever ways we can.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


TWC said...

That's a picture of Bill Gates in college. He got into trouble more than once.

Ol' BC said...

...(unless you are an Arabic-looking young man) - SOOOO True!