Friday, November 04, 2005

Lamenting the Disappearance of Monica

I think it was love at first sight. Monica White wrote a short article for the Atlasphere on the tv series "Firefly," back in August of last year, then followed it up with another on the art of Jack Vettriano about a month later.

Well, I'd been watching "Firefly" when it was on first run. I loved it! Space anarchists freelancing on the edges of the Empire! A libertarian dream! What Monica did was put a lot of my thoughts on the series into words, in a way I hadn't tried. I went right out and bought the series boxed set and have watched each episode a couple of times (so far!).

I hadn't heard of Jack Vettriano, but her review of his art, infused with images of several of his works, added another artist to the list of those I like.

Reading her Networking Profile told me that she was from Perth, Australia, now living in London. It told me she was an objectivist (in London!) and that she had a blog she called Th'inkwell--just a minor example of her witty use of the English language.

I read her blog and quickly realized that Monica has a degree of perceptiveness matched only by her artful and rational way of writing about that which she experiences. I devoured each entry to her blog as it appeared. She wrote fairly regularly about a wide variety of subjects until late this past February when she announced she was quitting, her interest in writing the blog was on the wane.

Well, it was a wonderful blog. Currently, since the site is still up, I'm reading the archives from time to time when I need a Monica fix. I'm nearly caught up to the place where I started. Oh well.

Several of the blogs I read are sites whose links I first found on Th'inkwell.

Thanks, Monica.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


The Kosmik Kid said...

Col. Hogan, just checked out Th'inkwell. The young lass has a way with words, to be sure, and is a comely one at that. Great hair, at least, pity her photo is not just a tad more revealing. If Slick Willie had had a tryst with THIS Monica he would not only have confessed, he would still be bragging. And dream on, Billy Boy.

Cordial regards,

? said...

by looking at her blog for just a few minutes i can tell why you miss her so.

i'm not a very good writer, my life is boring and i know it, i could never draw a crowd of readers even if i posted my nudes...hehe.

i suck