Monday, January 09, 2006

....But I Don't Get Colds!

Friday, I went for a forty minute walk instead of eating lunch. This is new, part of yet another attempt to lose some weight and get myself into better shape. I usually go to a nearby diner for a sandwich.

'Twas no big deal, I'm a pretty good walker (though I've let myself get horribly out of shape), and can walk for hours with an occasional five-minute sit-down. After the walk, I had a 16-oz drink of milk and whey powder. It was the first time I'd tried whey powder.

It was very good tasting, and filled me up satisfactorily.

At noon, as I finished drinking the whey, I felt fine. At one PM, I had irritated eyes, very sensitive to bright light, very irritated nasal passages and a runny nose. I was sneezing pretty often.

I finished the day at the lab, went home, taking care of some business along the way, and went to bed kind of early after an evening of web browsing and a little tv. During this period, the symptoms would diminish at times, then come back.

I slept fairly well, waking up a couple of times for short periods. I slept in until about ten AM and got up feeling pretty good.

As the day wore on, the symptoms came back. Because of the way I felt, I napped in the afternoon. I felt pretty dragged out most of the afternoon and evening, and again went to bed fairly early.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling fine.

At no time did I have any symptoms other than those mentioned. It was the wierdest thing.

I rarely get colds but when I do, they usually last two or three days with a sore throat, coughing, etc, and they gradually taper off with a stuffy head, lots of nose blowing and fatigue.

This was a wierd illness. I thought of an allergic reaction or hay fever, but I've never had these things. I spit on allergies. Ptui! I laugh at hay fever. Ar, ar!

Well, I needed some kind of excuse for not having written here for a few days. There it is.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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i'll have to use that sometime, my excuses are so lame most of time for bot posting regularly.

glad you're feeling better ;)