Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Late, Great Planet Earth and Other Nonsense

I'm reading a work of my favorite alive-and-working philosopher, George H Smith. The name of the book is Atheism, Ayn Rand and Other Heresies. I'm reading a chapter comprised of a number of commentaries, written by Smith in the 1970's, on atheism.

One of the commentaries addresses protestant fundamentalism. It starts with a critique of Hal Lindsay's 1970 book, The Late, Great Planet Earth, Lindsay's prediction of the end of the Earth (coming soon). Smith explains that Lindsay predicts another world war, pitting America and allies against Russia, the Middle East and China. I haven't read Lindsay's book, nor will I (way too many good books to read), but the struggle between the Middle east and Israel has fully sucked in all of the recent presidential administrations.

According to Lindsay, this conflict will involve most of the nations of the world and at the height, Jesus will return amid huge fanfare. The fundy faithful will disappear into heaven (won't that actually improve life on earth? No fundies? That would be heaven!), and we'll start a thousand years of tribulations.

The connection made by Smith when he wrote this commentary was that, when fundies read this book, and if they take it seriously, many will undoubtedly act to help the scenario along.

Which brings me around to my point. The president is a fundie, as are many of the members of his administration. Suddenly, a whole additional set of possibilities comes into view! While I enthusiastically accept the need to put the military to work defending the country, but the nonsense in Iraq is an utter waste of time, lives and money.

Our military had Bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora, and the decision was made to back off.

They had another wack job (I don't know his name--our news people change the spelling and pronunciation of all Middle East names about every month or two--but he was a big shot) cornered in Fallujah a while back, but the order was given to back off. They let him go. The rag-headed dude went right back to blowing up stuff! Sounds to me like somebody wants to seriously prolong this thing--or even lose it!

Who knows? Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing. But it does make you go hmmmmm!


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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