Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beating Islam To The Punch

And here I thought the Fourth Amendment had already been destroyed by the Bush Administration, in his attempt to destroy America before the islamic funny-mentalists can. It now looks like the evil police agencies here in Stalag California are not to be outdone. Who needs a fascist federal government when we have our own police state right here?

Seems the Stalag California's Supreme Court and Rubber Stamp Society have punched yet another hole in our quickly dwindling list of liberties. They can now break down your door, without a warrant, and give you a blood alcohol test after they've dragged you out of a sound sleep in your bed. All they have to do is claim to suspect you've been driving under the influence.

Of what? One might ask. Alcohol is the stock answer, but heck! We had the drug dog in the car anyway, and everyone knows the temperature in a car can go up twenty degrees in five minutes. We can't leave the poor dog out there to suffer.....

Might it matter that it's not easy to drive while asleep in your bed? One also wonders whether or not the actual ownership of a car would make a difference.

This decision seems a mite harsh (not to mention irrational and antiAmerican), even in the light of the police state tactics in use by the federal administration under the Hitlerian USA Patriot Act.

This current fear of the Demon Rum has long ago eclipsed the earlier hatred of the beverage by the 19th Century Sufferagettes, and seems to get more severe with every month that passes.

While we all hope that everyone will partake in a responsible way, this current trend of punishing people because what they've done might possibly result in harm to others is suicidally dangerous. What's even more dangerous (some dare call it futile), is punishing people for harm to others that they might have done, but didn't(!). As I, and other commentators far more intelligent than yours truly, have warned for decades, we are becoming America's Founders' worst enemy. We're doing to ourselves what the third Reich, the USSR Evil Empire and the current Islamic Funny-mentalist Hegemony has thus far been unable to do: return a free society to the Dark Ages.

Tip of the battered old grey fedora: The Agitator.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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