Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thwarting the Pederast

"Pedophiles" have been much in the news lately, and for the past several years. I placed the word pedophiles in quotes because it just doesn't seem like the proper term for those who victimize children. "Pedophile" means "child lover." Somehow, it doesn't seem like these guys love children. They love to hurt children. Let's call them pederasts.

A number of new laws have been enacted to deal with pederasts; tougher sentences and restrictions while they're on parole. They're largely ineffectual, as are most laws, because the effect is to cause these desperadoes to kill their victims.

So what can be done? First, I'd dismiss government. They make ridiculous laws to seemingly justify their existence, but the new laws are rarely enforced. Or selectively enforced. Each parent (or couple) must deal with it as it pertains to their own children.

Every individual (or couple) has the ability to make the big choice. To have children or not. To not have kids is every bit as noble as to have them.

After the decision is made to start a family, styles rapidly become cramped. One of the parents has the obligation to be with the children constantly for the first three or four years or, on occasion to give them over to the care of someone they trust. Really trust.

Innocent children are wonderful and it's all sweet and nice, but these are not innocent times. I don't think any times are innocent. I often think the best time in the history of mankind to be a child was when I was one--but these are rose-colored glasses and what do I know?

We have to teach the kids to protect themselves, for those years after the first three or four. Put him in martial arts classes as soon as he can take instruction. Theach him self defense and self reliance. Take him camping early and often. (When I say "him," it's for brevity. This applies equally to girls.) I wouldn't trust the Boy/Girl Scouts, unless I personally know and trust everyone that'll come in contact with my kid. Ditto schools, and double giant ditto to the church. Actually, I think kids ought to be kept from church until they decide to go on their own.

We have to teach our kids to be assertive and to take no crap. Teach him how to get away from an adult and run like hell, making a lot of noise. Teach him, as best you can, how to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Teach him to be respectful and polite, but wary.

I think kids ought to be taught to use firearms and knives for self defense. When they're old enough. I started my elder son out with a .22 revolver at the age of six. No, I didn't let him have it outside of my presence, but I think by the time he was thirteen or fourteen he could've handled it (if everyone wasn't so stupid about it).

Kids need to be taught about honesty and property. Early. Partly to be able to judge the honesty of others.

They need to be taught the dangers of mind altering substances. If thet girl in Aruba had been taught that it's very dangerous to be out of control of her faculties in a strange place, she'd probably be alive today.

As they learn this stuff, they can be on their own more and more, and they'll be as safe as it's possible to be.

Most parents live in a dream world in which everyone is nice and everyone can be trusted, and you're safe as long as you drive a Volvo. Sorry. Like that it has never been. The kids who are street smart and tough will be the ones who escape danger unscathed. After the first few years, they can be out and about, but know this: if they get into trouble, they'll likely have to get themselves out. It's your job to give them the tools.

Young adults still have the choice of not having any kids. For many, it's a good choice.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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