Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside--and Inside!

It's a bad time to have the heater go out. We've had a couple of people out to look at it, but they both told us very different stories about what's wrong with it. We're having a third outfit look at it Tuesday.

Meanwhile, all we have to heat the house is four of these electric room heaters. Hey, they work! As long as you're sitting within a few feet of one.

You might say, Dude! you live in Stalag California, where the sun shines all the time. Well, it doesn't shine at night. It was well below freezing last night. One of the squirrels for which Debbie sets food was ice skating on the water pan in the back yard this morning.

I moved here to get away from all that ice and snow crap.

If this happens one more night, I'm going to call for Aid from FEMA. Seems to me like I could get a $2000 Visa card and maybe an expenses paid couple of weeks in New Orleans. Der Governator has already done his part by declaring a State of Emergency, so I only hope we can hold out until Aid arrives.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting in front of my heater, waiting for my Visa card. I wrote an email to Algore, in hopes he'll find a way to hurry Global Warming (might as well keep all the options open), and one to Santa Claus, in case he might be able to give me any cold weather tips.

Now, I'm off to the rink. I've heard it's warmer there.

Chilly regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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steveintx said...

Well it got up to 30 degrees today. Not much of the 10" of snow melted. Hey I moved to Texas to get away from that stuff, too. We must be cursed, I think it follows us around.