Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Never-Ending Campaign

It's only been eleven weeks since the Congressional election, and less than three weeks since the new Congressdrones have been sworn in--to an Oath of Office which has certainly already been violated by every single one of those having taken it, if this is a typical year. Welcome, New Parasites; time to start campaigning for the next election. The 2008 Presidential campaign season is already well underway.

With at least a dozen candidates already announced, and more sure to come, let's look at the near future. With the exception of the Honorable Doctor Ron Paul, every single candidate, announced and yet to announce, is devoted to increasing the role of government and diminishing the prerogatives of the individual. Even Dr Paul has a couple of issues with which many libertarians will disagree, including myself. While Dr Paul is an extreme long shot for the Republican nomination, he would be far and away better than any of the others. I will vote for him, given the opportunity.

Even though, as I wrote above, the prospects for a return to governmental respect for the freedom, sovereignty and dignity of the individual look quite dim, one can still, perhaps, find some enjoyment in the humor and spectacle of the upcoming events 'pon the scene political. Playing the fiddle as the Republic burns, as it were.

There are a number of things to observe, both good and bad, in the coming protracted campaign season to which we'll have to look forward.

First, the bad news:

  • The news will be (already is) so completely cluttered with statist-spun stories about sad, sorry individuals who will never, have never actually lived a productive day in their lives, and who presume to be able to take care of us (by making it impossible for us to take care of ourselves), that time and column space for any news we might actually find informative, will be less available.
  • Our mail (both e- and snail-) will be jammed full of what will prove to be untruthful brochures and letters, filled with unachievable (fortunately) programs and goals, and solicitations for campaign funds.
  • Radio and tv stations will bore us with annoying and untruthful campaign ads for two full years!
  • Politicians, having two full years to campaign, will be out shaking babies and kissing hands when they ought to be doing their jobs (this is a very mixed negative).
  • Streets and highways will occasionally be closed to allow motorcades filled with high-powered politicians to pass unimpeded and flights will be delayed while government planes land and take off, and to allow for Presidential haircuts on the taxiways.
  • We'll be continually bombarded with poll results from various pollsters, and analyses by hundreds of pundits, to the exclusion of entertaining programming.
Now, the good news:
  • Jay Leno et al will have an abundance of new material with which to delight their audiences.
  • Since virtually everything Congress passes into law becomes detrimental to the productive individual, keeping politicians on the road campaigning and fundraising, instead of "working" in their offices and 'pon the floor of Congress, can only be a good thing.
  • Many wealthy but foolish individuals will have their wealth diminished to the extent of their donations to campaigning politicians. Conversely, catering firms, hotels, hookers and other entertainers will be enriched by the foolish spending of campaign managers and the inevitable camp followers.
As for us, while there are few prospects of anything close to an enhancement of freedom in American society, we have to acknowledge that we can look forward to two full years of often-entertaining gaffes and missteps, charges and countercharges, and sometimes the exposure of the lies and hypocrisies of the political animals.

While the future looks bleak to freedom-loving individuals, at least we have bread and circuses to enjoy while the once-wonderful Republic of the United States of America is turned into just another two-bit people's state by the traitors who inhabit the nation's Capitol.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


This just in--Past Presidential candidate and junior Senator from Taxachussetts, John Kerry, has announced that he will not enter the race for the Democrat Party's nomination this year. He will return to his normal job as one of the statues on Easter Island. Thanks and a tip of the battered grey fedora to Dennis Miller.

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