Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Perpetual Politics

With the mid-term Congressional elections a mere three-and-a-half months past, the 2008 Presidential election season is already in full bloom--and has been for.....three-and-a-half months. Since several states, including the Stalag, have moved their primaries up to early February (Our governator reportedly will sign the Stalag California version of the move tomorrow). This means that those candidates who will face primaries early next year (including many incumbents) must start raising campaign money now. And they are.

Sadly, some of next year's Presidential candidates have already sullied portions of the Stalag with their presence and their audio pollution.

If there's any good to come of it, I find myself obliged to mention hopefully that the time that sitting incumbents spend campaigning is time they won't be picking our pockets. We can also enjoy the many unbelievable promises and funny verbal missteps we have to look forward to laughing at.

Otherwise, the news is quite bad: we're already inundated with radio and tv talk show speculation and the advocating of various candidates, and all too soon we'll find the airwaves and cable stations saturated with political ads.

Didn't we just get past all this crap?

Even worse: we're virtually guaranteed that each and every one of those to be successfully elected will waste no time figuring out new ways to get into our wallets and bank accounts.

Too bad we don't have a "None of the Above" box on our ballots.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Michael said...

I've often thought that a good way to get rid of some of the parasites would be to have each non-vote automatically count as 'none of the above'. Then, if that gets more votes than any of the candidates, two things would happen:

1. A new election would take place.
2. None of those on a previous election are allowed to run again for the same post.

If, after three rounds of this, 'none of the above' still won, the post would be abolished.

Somehow, I don't see the looters going for this...

Col. Hogan said...

The Libertarian Party and others made a big push for "None of the Above" to be required on the ballots several years ago. It ended up failing here in the Stalag, but I believe it passed in Nevada and is still on the ballot for state races there. I don't, however, think NOTA can result in no one filling the office.