Saturday, September 08, 2007

Who Cares About A Few Miners Compared To The Reindeer?

We're not drilling for oil in ANWR because it might disturb Santa's reindeer? A few polar bears? Some caribou?


The algorians don't give a whit about Arctic wildlife. If they did, they'd have to admit that wildlife does better in the presence of man, these days. Deer, antelope and bison and other game animals are far more healthy and plentiful today, than they were in past centuries. Awareness on the part of hunters and conservationists in the past hundred years or so have reversed trends established by earlier hunters.

Meanwhile, today's algorian environazis are clearly in lockstep against any improvements in technology at all, whether it harms the "environment" or not. What they really want is simple, brutish control over productive individuals.

Witness the fact that algorians oppose the use of petroleum on the grounds that it harms the atmosphere, yet are also opposed to the use of nuclear power generators even though they are very clean and harm the atmosphere not at all. They seem to approve grudgingly of the use of coal, even though it burns with a fair degree of emission, yet former President Clinton closed and nationalized a vast area of Utah known to contain a very clean-burning variety of coal.

All of which brings me to my point.

We've all heard the sad story about the miners who died in the collapsed mine in Utah. We've also heard of other coal mine disasters in other areas in recent decades.

We can add that to the toll of the disingenuously misnamed "War on Terror." All of these losses could have been--and still could be--lessened were we to extract the oil about which existence we already know, from the ground and use it.

Government should get out of the way and allow our oil companies to supply us with petroleum from locations already under these same oil companies' control, and thus could both lessen our dependence 'pon both coal and oil from pre-civilized parts of the world.

Rather than depend 'pon coal to generate much of America's electric power, government should get out of the way, to allow America's power companies to build nuclear power generators, as fast as they can.

As for the "environmentally friendly" alternative fuels the algorians are promising that government drones will soon develop, well....that'll happen. Ask your self, when has government ever developed anything? Other than new and more destructive ways to relieve the productive of a good deal of their production?

New, cleaner and more efficient fuels will be developed by scientists funded by entrepreneurs when they're needed. Then, or when these scientists find a way to develop fuels that are substantially less expensive than those we know now. Even then, it will only happen if Americans have enough money to invest to allow the research to happen. Government should get out of the way, so that these discoveries can be made.

This will only happen if government can be returned its proper functions, operating according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution, and without the ability to initiate force against Americans.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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MK said...

yeah it's funny how the liberals always say they want America to reduce their dependence on oil from the middle east, but won't allow oil to be extracted from anywhere else.