Saturday, October 06, 2007

We're In A Drought, and The Glaciers Are Melting--Disaster or Opportunity?

I first became aware of Dr. Walter E Williams by having viewed the 1980 PBS documentary series, Free to Choose, by Dr. Milton Friedman. Dr. Friedman would give an economics "lesson" for the first half-hour of each episode, which was followed by a discussion with Dr. Friedman and a number of other intellectuals of the left and right. Dr. Williams was one of these people. Throughout the length of the series, Dr. Williams seemed consistently one of the more articulate members of a very prestigious group.

Since then, I've followed Dr. Williams' career as best I can. When I found out he writes a column, I started reading it. When I learned he occasionally subbed for Rush Limbaugh, when he takes a day off, and I learn that Dr. Williams is subbing, I make plans to listen.

Williams is almost always right on the money on most subjects, and his take on the global warming hoax. His latest statement on the subject can be found here.

I highly recommend the pamphlet "A Global Warming Primer," to which Dr. Williams refers, as it's a quick read, yet it's packed with facts that can be analyzed rationally (as opposed to the algorians' religious emotionalism).

Every month the algorians look more and more stupid.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Aurora said...

Col., very admirable that what looks like quite a distinguished and credible man is willing to stick his neck on the line. It's really a race against time though. A huge percentage of Australia's (and I'm sure Europe's) population still adhere to global warming dogmas and as a matter of fact, this looks to be a big election issue for Australia in the coming elections.

MK said...

Unfortunately Aurora is right, many of us are hellbent on punishing ourselves needlessly, needless to say, none of the doomsayers will be around when anything we insist on doing will have no effect.

Col. Hogan said...

Aurora & MK,
The one thing I wish people on the rational side could do is be more optimistic. not criticizing, since there really is a lot about which to be pessimistic, but one argues and battles far more effectively if one actually thinks he will win.

A thought: A little ridicule, a lot of humor and a refusal to accept, even slightly, the opposition's irrational notions. Perhaps a boycott of advertisers who buy into this baloney.

As for me, I will never accept the notion that collectivism will win out over reason.

Aurora said...

As for me, I will never accept the notion that collectivism will win out over reason.

Not accepting it will mean a fight in my opinion, but as Winston Churchill said, It's better to perish than to live as slaves.