Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Coulda Had A V-8

As I've mentioned many times, because of all the bureaucratic foolishness in the evil Patriot Act, the equally evil TSA and Homeland Security in general, I've vowed to stay the hell off commercial airliners except in the most dire emergencies. What constitutes a dire emergency? Hard to say. One hasn't come up yet. I suppose I'd fly if it was required by my job (not likely) and there was no other way.

A trip to Europe? We've been planning one (loosely) but the ongoing turn from historic playground to islamic wasteland tends to lessen the trip's desirability.

Perhaps a family emergency, but most of my family resides within driving distance.

The notion of having to beg permission of the government to travel at will is not only unConstitutional, but essentially evil and against everything for which America's Founders stood. Each elected representative who voted for the establishment of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and every atrocity committed by their membership, by commission or omission, should be prosecuted to the fullest degree the law allows, for egregious violation of his Oath of Office.

Yesterday, there was yet another in a long line of incidents that illustrate the inconvenience that occurs when utterly incompetent bureaucratic parasites (but again, I repeat myself) attempt to do that is well beyond both the scope and mandate of government, and the intelligence and ability of the civil servant. They seem to be trying to provide security to individuals in a situation whose technological nature is far beyond the ken of the bureaucratic mind.

The situation, as described by Andrew Kirtzman in a WCBSTV story here, involved someone spilled tomato juice 'pon an xray machine.

A TSA thug said that 'twas a vendor who committed the spill, but government thugs lie. Additionally, if the alleged security of airports can be so easily interrupted, isn't that a problem in its own right?

I'd wager that 'twas actually one of the dopey civil servants who committed the horrid act, and I'd further wager that said thug will not be punished, with the possible exception of a verbal admonishment to be more careful next time. That is, if you want to put an xray machine out of commission to score a longer break, don't let anyone see you do it.

Meanwhile, hundreds of travelers were inconvenienced, and many probably missed their flights. Doubtless, millions of dollars have been lost by the airlines and by lost business.

It'd be nice to hear the airline corporation executives raise some hell about these very common delays caused by bureaucratic fumbling, but they're largely spineless empty suits and live in fear of even more draconian regulation.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Let us know if you ever do go to Europe, i'd like to know what the place is like, my family is in the states and elsewhere, just not Europe, so very little reason to go there for the near future.

Col. Hogan said...

If we go, it'll be to Britain, and we'll probably spend more time in Scotland than anywhere else. I will visit Lincolnshire though, since I think that's my family's ancestral home. Britain will have to do something about those islamic savages, though.

Aurora said...

I don't think Britain is in any hurry to do anything about 'those islamic savages' in the near future, Col. As a matter of fact, the Islamists may own the country here soon the way things are going. All the laws in their favour and all.
MK, I didn't realize you were American! My mother's family hail from Washington State. What a beautiful place that is too (but too much rain for my liking).
As for plane travel, maybe we should invest in large yachts to see the world. ...Yes, I'm serious.

steveintx said...

I'm guessing you knew your nephew had a 10 hr layover at Ontario last week. When he got off the plane he asked "where was the USO?" and was told there wasn't one by a self-important TSA doofus. Justin promptly folded his 6'6" frame into the waiting room seats and uncomfortably spent the rest of the night.

When he woke he was exploring and came across a cop & asked him why ther wasn't a USO & the cop said "it's right over there".

Now knowing that TSA freaks are only slightly smarter than San Fran Nan my question is....was the idiot just too stupid to know what USO means or was he an anti-war freak?