Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chicago! Not My Kind of Town!

First, so we aren't accused of calling the kettle black, I have to stipulate that the rules for keeping and bearing arms in El Pueblo de Los Angeles are not only stupid, but unConstitutional, too. In LA, one can own a gun, but he must go through a maze of federal, state, and local city laws regarding purchasing, owning, transporting, carrying and shooting a gun contain a labyrinth of potholes and mindless pitfalls, every one of which is designed to keep the victim, particularly the poor victim, disarmed.

If one has avoided legal entanglements and if one has been nice to his spouse/significant other throughout one's life, he can legally own a handgun in Los Angeles--but that's just the first major hurdle. The legal LA gun owner cannot carry a handgun either concealed or openly without a permit, and no permits are issued to "little people." None. Rosie O'Dozie can get permits for her bodyguards, but yours truly, who has over forty years of shooting experience and several handguns, none of which has ever killed or injured anyone while in my possession, can't. Even if I had police combat pistol training (which I'll get sooner instead of later--read: while I still can!), I couldn't get a permit.

The dopey gang children, who never have problem getting guns, have been killing each other for years, with the not-too-rare killing of an innocent, seem to be above the law.

But let's focus 'pon Chicago. The Windy City, like New York and communist China, don't allow its inhabitants to own guns at all. Well, if you're well enough connected, there can be exceptions, but the average working stiff remains an unarmed target on the shooting gallery that is Chicago. Seems the evil Mayor Daley wants to see that only the dopey gang children are armed.

Apparently, Chicago had a particularly violent week, the one just past. Check out the MyWay News story available on Drudge. In it, the criminally deluded mayor says:

A fired-up Daley blasted the gun industry and called on parents and adults to do their part by intervening to help troubled youth and by working to keep others on the right path.

"I don't want people to wait for Mayor Daley to call a meeting. I want you to call a meeting in your home with your children and loved ones. I want you to go next door and talk to those children next door. I want the parents of the block to say 'This block will be free of violence,'" he said.

Well, how do you suppose the folks on the block are going to be free of violence if they've been disarmed while the thugs are bristling with firearms? Perhaps they ought to call in Macaulay Culkin (as Kevin McCallister in the movie "Home Alone") as their home defense expert. Only thing--then, the ever pro-criminal Mayor Daley will undoubtedly declare the use of ordinary household items and toys illegal to use in defense of one's home and family.

Because it's legal in Chicago to vote multiple times and for illegal aliens, non-residents and the recently deceased to vote, the evil Mayor will stay in office as long as he wants, and will then pick his son as his successor, self defense promises to be illegal in Chicago for a long time to come.

I think I'd have liked Chicago better in the 1930's. They had the same gangs (perhaps a bit more civilized), but the average guy could legally defend himself.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Oddly enough CH, i often hear the violence in Chicago being used by gun control nuts as a reason for gun control. Are they so stupid, take away the guns and gun violence increases, so use that as an example of why we need more gun control. Apparently so.

Col. Hogan said...


Chicago is a dangerous city, in certain areas--big areas--and an individual will have to break the law to defend himself. Personally, I'm sympathetic with that decision, and if selected for jury duty, I'd never vote to convict anyone for arming himself.

Since most counties in California never issue carry permits to any but the most privileged, one has to break the law to carry a weapon.

Interestingly, I've been told by more than one LA police officer that if stopped, you let him know you're carrying and why, and don't make any stupid mistakes (and weren't stopped for doing something stupid), he'll likely overlook the weapon.