Friday, April 18, 2008

Stunning Insult to WWII Vets

In one of its more amazing efforts to carry algorian water in the advancement of the global warming hoax, Time magazine has reached a new low in its disregard for American veterans. An article by Jeff Poor on the Business and Media Institute website shows the cover of the current issue of Time magazine, which parodies the raising of the flag over Mount Surabachi (in which about 7000 Allied troops were killed and over 20,000 wounded) following the fierce and costly Battle of Iwo Jima.

We can say what we want about the discourse or lack of it by the Roosevelt Administration, in the opening moments that lead to the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese Navy, but the US Marines, as well as all the other soldiers, sailors and fliers involved in the war in the Pacific acted with extreme competence and valor throughout.

Survivors of the battle, and of the war wherever they fought, justifiably feel very insulted. Those of us who are sons and daughters of the veterans, and who've heard all the stories first hand, are equally so.

Global warming is going to be on the list of the world's greatest hoaxes, in future history books, and the generation now known as the "Baby Boom" in the US are going to be known as gullible, as well as a generation of spoiled brats. Time magazine, already on a downward slide because of an outrageously flawed editorial point of view, is on its way to insolvency.
“I think since I’ve been back at the magazine, I have felt that one of the things that’s needed in journalism is that you have to have a point of view about things,” [Time managing editor Richard] Stengel said. “You can’t always just say ‘on the one hand, on the other’ and you decide. People trust us to make decisions. We’re experts in what we do. So I thought, you know what, if we really feel strongly about something let's just say so.”
Well, Mr Stengel, no one will criticize you for having a point of view, unless it's stupid to the point of insult.

I think many mistakes were made at the political level during the period, but for which our involvement might have been far different, but nothing can be said to lessen the valor of the troops, once mobilized. Time magazine's cover should be taken as an insult, not only by the survivors of WWII, but by all veterans. There is no excuse for trivializing the loss of a great part of a generation by trying to equate it with a hot summer.

Last summer wasn't even particularly hot.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


T. F. Stern said...

In the movie, War Games, the computer figured out that the only way to come out on top when given a chance to play Thermo Nuclear War was no to play. Funny how the environmental whacko crowd is intent on burying us in this other war, the Global Warming hoax. These are the same yo-yo's who are upset because weapons of mass destruction were not found in the numbers which would make them happy; how about solid evidence of Global Warming being caused by humans, where's the solid evidence of that?

steveintx said...

While this is particularly bothersome, I find it really strange that they will print an article like this after printing a story about the biofuel scam. They tell the truth out of one side ......,9171,1725975,00.html .....

then they turn around and write something to offend anybody they haven't already offended.

Death wish maybe?

Col. Hogan said...


War Games was a very good movie, what I remember of it. I have a theory--I'll write more as I firm it up--that allowing governments to communicate with each other is a bad idea. Seems it invariably leads to war.

It seems like it'd be far better if the traders did the diplomacy--with traders in other countries, leaving the thieving government out of the equation.

WWII in the Pacific might never have happened had the oil deals been made between American oil companies and Japanese oil buyers, instead of involving empty-headed government bureaucrats.

Col. Hogan said...


A number of empty-headed tree huggers and most of the country's doctor and dentist offices are, I guess, Time magazine's subscriber base. It adds to the patient's dread of the pain of going there.

I always bring a book.

MK said...

I went to the local doctors office yesterday and let me tell you, womens magazines are giving TIME a proper hiding, the only copy they had was from 2007, perhaps someone donated it.

The cover of time actually reflects todays western society more than we'd like to admit i think. We now live in a world where these are the only wars we're prepared to fight. The new generation have deceived themselves into believing that pacifism, reaching out and appeasement are the solutions to conflict and it'll all just go away.

The only wars we're interested in are the lame-o wars on things like CO2, poverty, obesity and tobacco. I wouldn't be surprised if most people see nothing wrong with this. Perhaps the sales & subscription figures for TIME can prove me wrong.

Col. Hogan said...

Time is pretty well entrenched into the habits of people of the Western World, and may well survive for some time, but when I read the managing editor's idiot statement that "you have to have a point of view about things,” which flies against one of the very first things taught in Journalism 101, one has to wonder where journalism is going, and how Time maintains its lofty perch.

A periodical can have a point of view--one of my favorites, Reason Magazine, is decidedly libertarian (and says so unambiguously). But, Time purports to be unbiased. Which makes Managing Editor Stengel unqualified in his job.

I'd quit reading Time, except that I've already done so, many years ago.

RightWingRocker said...

Geez, next we'll have these great soldiers being depicted as a bunch of queers raising a giant penis instead of the flag.

You know they're only putting this shit up in an attempt to trivialize both these heroes and those of 9/11 who've been depicted raising the flag at Ground Zero.

Problem they have is that both of these actually happened.


Col. Hogan said...

Both of them did, indeed. I think the reason the left want to trivialize these things is that they wish to destroy the concept "hero."

Aurora said...

Typical media manipulation. They're trying to cash in on the natural patriotism of Americans to further their evil, economy-destroying agendas. Time is scraping the dregs on this one.

Col. Hogan said...


It's a known fact, not often acknowledged by the mainstream media, that developed nations with a sophisticated industrial base, are cleaner by far than the third world and the developing nations. The algorian fools that call the US, Canada, Australia and western Europe major polluters have an anti-industry agenda and don't see the facts as relevant.

Thus, my incredulity at their exemption of industrially filthy countries such as China and India (who will clean up their act as they develop: it will become economically necessary for them to do so) from the rules with which they wish to saddle us.

Earth is pretty resilient. What do you suppose happened to the millions of gallons of petroleum products that were spilled into the oceans during WWII? How about the huge volumes of trash that was thrown into the air by our many volcanoes over the centuries? Earth is self-healing.

Not that we have to be deliberately careless. Private individuals take far better care of their property than governments do.