Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill!

Ok, so I'm a hot rodder. I like old cars; I like fast cars. I'm also a fan of NHRA drag racing and, to a lesser extent, other kinds of auto racing.

Fast cars need a lot of gas. America has, contrary to what the algorians will have you believe, plenty of oil available within the areas US oil companies can search. More than we'll ever need--because we will, in spite of all the wheel spinning with stupid and costly stuff like highlt subsidized ethanol from corn and those idiotic, unsightly and expensive windmills we see here and there (but not in the Kennedys' back yard).

We've had a number of "oil crises" over the past thirty or so years, each one seemingly more serious than those previous. These past five or six years, we've been in a continual oil crisis, largely because of the disingenuously-named "War on Terror." And our own politicians' propensity toward following suicidal policies.

Leftist environmentalism, or algorianism, is deliberately designed to destroy capitalism and individual freedom--not to mention the free world's industrial and technological capabilities. Algorians don't actually care a whit about the environment except as it serves their agenda.

Ten years ago roughly, the question of drilling for the oil under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) became a political football. It had been a question for a long while before, but oil from OPEC member nations became more problematical and a few sensible voices suggested that the federal government get out of the way of American petroleum production. Screams from the left were both shrill and without any rational arguments at all.

The arguments ranged from unprovable fears of destruction of animal habitat to the arguable notion that it would take ten years until any meaningful production would come from ANWR.

A very few brave advocates even suggested that exploring and drilling be authorized in offshore areas in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. They were again shouted down by emotion-laden voices that claimed unavoidable environmental damage. Baloney.

Planet Earth is self-cleaning. Whatever happened to the millions of gallons of oil spilled from the ships of the world's navies and merchant fleets destroyed during WWII? Microcritters ate it. Same with the oft whined about Exxon Valdez spill. One might be able to find traces of that oil today, but he'd have to search. A few years along, even that won't be possible.

Well, ten years have passed. Had we begun working the ANWR oil pools ten years ago, we'd be able to tell the Mideast countries to pump their oil where the sun don't shine. The crisis would be over for decades to come, giving entrepreneurs time to develop personal nuclear generators for the home, the factory and for personal aircars.

But that's not what the algorians want. They want to see us looking under rocks for bugs to eat. They want us killing each other for food.

And I would happily give up my hot rod for my own aircar, if there were no worries about tree huggers bringing back another Dark Age.

We've seen the enemy and he is Algore.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


MK said...

Well said CH, the algorians hate the car, they hate the freedom that it gives an individual, they hate the prosperity that has been brought about by capitalism in the west.

"Had we begun working the ANWR oil pools ten years ago, we'd be able to tell the Mideast countries to pump their oil where the sun don't shine."

If only...

T. F. Stern said...

Col Hogan and mk, You both hit the nail on the head, in this case the pointy headed capitalist haters.

Anonymous said...

Here's to drilling for our own oil and telling the foreign oil barons to "Go pound sand", we can and should be working on the "prarie grass" biofuels and waste oil biodiesel, the corn biofuel is more expensive to the environment and the consumer than regular (petroleum) fuels are even now. Those who choose to drive gas guzzlers and hot rods should be allowed to do so unmolestered, as very few people will actually choose to drive tempermental old MANually operated vehs.

Col. Hogan said...


This is the primary reason the US is sort of declining in the world. The politicians and university eggheads seem to take European criticism seriously. With lower taxes and lessened regulation, we could flood the world with American products, including cars, and thus bring much of the world up to our level, not have to sink down to theirs.

Col. Hogan said...


Oops! That last was in response to yours. My mistake!

Col. Hogan said...


They're trying to paint the productive with unearned guilt--even after taxing them to the poorhouse. We have to stop buying into it.

Col. Hogan said...


Today on O'Reilly, McCain again stated his refusal to allow oil drilling in some of the most oil-rich areas. The guy's obviously an algorian.

I'd like to see more private investment go into oil sand and shale development. Biodeisel seems like a good idea, but I wonder if it's practical on a nationwide scale. If so, I'm for it--and fuel from prairie grass is a new one to me, but we sure have enough of it--unlike corn. Private entrepreneurs should work on it.

T. F. Stern said...

I have a silly suggestion; put stucco walls around the outsides of all drilling rigs, both on land and out in the open waters. Then invite the environmental whacko crowd to paint social awareness messages on the walls. The graffiti/art murals would let them vent and the EPA could then demand that all stucco walls be painted white at the oil industry expense; adding more expense to the oil industry in an never ending assault each time the spray paint can insulted capitalism.

I can hear it now as the little jerks are painting the oil rig out in the Gulf, "Hey come on man, finish up we're almost out of gas."

Col. Hogan said...
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Col. Hogan said...


Here in the Stalag, that'd play well. There are tens of thousands of frustrated graffitists looking for walls 'pon which to spray their venom and ugliness.

There's a joke that's been floating around for years: Q: Why do most illegal aliens pay with cash? A: It's hard to sign a check with a spray can.

6:00 PM

Oswald Bastable said...

I'm heating my home by burning plastic bottles.

WELL- them fucktards want to get rid of them...

steveintx said...

"We've seen the enemy and he is Algore".

You have forgotten about the thousands that sit in Washington DC as the political machine. They are makingthis great country into the image of a 3rd world country. I don't know what that means....I don't enen know what a 1st and 2nd world is.

I keep on hoping that John McCain is "pullin' a shuck" on us. Just to get the job, and then do what's right anyway. Probably just wishful thinkin' on my part.

Col. Hogan said...


I'd like to think that was true. Based on his inconsistent record in the Senate, I don't think so. I suspect he'll make all the blunders of GWB, and add a few new ones.

GWB is the worst President since Jimma Carter. McCain promises to be even worse, and B Hussein Obama even worse still.

steveintx said...

I will never vote for McCain (who served in Viet Nam). If he had just waited for November and kept his yap shut he probably would have gotten my vote by omission. Now that he told us he would sell the US out, that's out the window. It's a bad deal any way you look at it. The world we know is going to change drastically in the next ten years.