Saturday, May 03, 2008

El Pueblo de Los Angeles Promotes Gang Violence With Big Payouts

Antonio Vinaigrette, el Alcalde del Pueblo de Los Angeles, is in the process of taking over all of the city's anti-gang programs. As an ex gangster himself, he obviously knows what he's doing. After all, he's also attempting to take over the entire city children's prison system. An obvious rationale? Put gangsters in front of the classes to teach children how to better conduct the War on Productivity in Los Angeles. Given his background and personal philosophy it, as Science Officer Spock used to say, is logical.

Meanwhile, these efforts are being carried out mostly by the City Council.

There is an expose on LA's local Fox News affiliate KTTV, of the effort of one City Councilwoman, Janice Hahn. Seems she's been paying gangsters big bucks to mitigate gang violence in the city. She's been getting gangsters who are arrested of violent crimes, released from incarceration so they can continue their work. See Chris Blatchford's expose video, as shown on KTTV, here, along with other related stories.

Apparently the money, fairly large sums. is given with no strings attached. One gangster is quoted as saying he didn't know what he was supposed to do, for the money. Another took his homies to the Raging Waters amusement park for the day.

Ms Hahn who, along with her father and brother have inhabited offices in City Hall for decades, gets very defensive when asked for specific answers about her programs. She cuts off interviews she deems hostile, much as does El Alcalde himself.

Arrogant as many of the Los Angeles City Council members are, they still have to stand for election every four years. Angry as LA residents are at the high local taxes and foolish spending, these parasites keep getting reelected.

One must suspect some Chicago-style hanky panky at the polls. And, of course, this is Hollywood, with all the celebrity-driven socialist propaganda being brought to bear at every election.

Like MS Hahn's insane notion that paying gangsters off will make them nice.

Meanwhile, the murder of someone (anyone) is the cost of initiation to many gangs and the murder of a member of another gang is even better. As might be suspected in a part of the country in which victims are disarmed by law, there are many murders in El Pueblo, of both the guilty and the innocent, and these murders apparently occur with the blessing of el alcalde and the rest of the City Council. Only occasionally are they prosecuted and they're almost never prosecuted severely.

A recently, one of Ms Hahn's paid gangsters was murdered by a member of a rival gang. She attended the funeral and hugged the deceased thug's mother. One must wonder if he was killed by a gangster with a gun purchased with Ms Hahn's money.

People should never be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


T. F. Stern said...

I better lay low on this one, I got in enough hot water on my last go around when I commented about photographs taken of a 15 yr old. The ground is still having after shock tremblors from my opinion.

If I were to give my solution to the problem with gangs there would be no end to the backlash. Let's just say I hold no place in my heart or head for gangs.

Col. Hogan said...


I read the chain of comments to which you refer. Yeah, you did let yourself sink in above the tops of your waders.

The main issue I have with your side of the discussion is the idea that there can be no morality without religion. I don't think I can offer a full discussion of my reasoning here, but suffice it to say that with the intellectual aid of a number of years of philosophic study, I have, and am continuing to develop a moral system that works for me. It also seems to work in my interactions with those I deal with, so I'm ok with my progress so far.

MK said...

"Angry as LA residents are at the high local taxes and foolish spending, these parasites keep getting reelected. One must suspect some Chicago-style hanky panky at the polls."

I don't know CH, out here in our state there are a bunch of similar parasites in office and no matter how much they screw up, the voters still insist on putting them back into office. Perhaps it's just apathy.

Col. Hogan said...


I think it's mostly the propagandizing that comes from the government children's prisons. No one teaches critical thinking or practical logic any more. It should be required.