Monday, September 29, 2008

Turning To The Dark Side

The Democrat Party likes to style itself as "the Party of Jefferson." They must mean the Jefferson from the tv show "All in the Family," 'cause they sure don't mean the very libertarian President Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was an advocate of the principles of freedom to which the Constitution's Bill of Rights refer.

One once was guardedly able to point to the First Amendment and say that Democrats were champions of free speech.

Not any more.

In a press release from Matt Blunt, Guber of Missouri, the evil B Hussein Obama is using Missouri law enforcement to threaten, intimidate and prosecute critics of him and his campaign. See another story here.

Seems some (perceptive) individuals are criticizing the Messiah. He doesn't like it.

Heads must roll.

He's recruiting a number of Missouri's leftist minor officials to determine truth as the Obama sees it and, on discovering anything that doesn't please His Eminence, intimidate and/or prosecute blasphemers.

There's a difference between the arrogance of an achiever and the false arrogance of a posturing peacock who's never been involved in either a leadership position or a productive enterprise of any kind and who has been a life-long parasite.

Even as US Senator, his greatest distinction has been campaigning for President throughout his first (and, one hopes, only) term , and voting "present" for most issues on the rare occasions when he deigns to actually appear in his alleged place of work.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of reasons to stop this moocher from achieving a stranglehold over the greatest nation in history, fading though it may be, and all of them are valid. If Obama becomes President of the United States, we'll all be longing for those wonderful, sun-filled days of the Great Depression.

What I truly wonder is, why Missouri? Why not Stalag California? What am I, chopped liver?

Tip of the old, battered fedora to Kent C for the photo.

Here comes the New Boss, same as the Old Boss.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Kent C said...

Col. says,

"The Democrat Party likes to style itself as "the Party of Jefferson."

First, thanks for the hat tip ;-)

I've never understood upon what basis the Dems could ever make such a claim.

TJ was a "Democratic Republican" - what is the noun there? :-)

I suspect, that one part is that he's also known as the first 'education president' and that's supposed to be in the Dem's corner but those Dems have never read Jefferson's 'school plan'. If it was in existence today, it would be condemned by anyone to the left of the most conservative Democrat (Hillary? Lol). It was an elite meritocritous type of system that would take the top male pupil of each parrish(or county) and send them with gov't money to the next level and then only the top of the next level got to continue. There's more to it than that and some aspects that are both more free market - the parents that could pay some did and some not so free market, those parents that couldn't, didn't.

And while he was big on free speech, press and religion there is no tenet that today's Democrat could claim and still maintain a straight face. Not with the PC, speech code, fascist like tactics that are demonstrated and encouraged in universities, just for one example and the most probable reinstitution of the fairness doctrine if a certain guy is elected president with a super majority in Congress. And that's without bringing up all the economic stuff and the 2nd amendment.

But all the texts in the kids' prisons and the history texts in the universities keep that particular big lie alive.

Kent C

steveintx said...

They must mean the Jefferson from the tv show "All in the Family,"

I think you meant "The Jeffersons" with Sherm Hemsley. Not to be confused with Leona Helmsley. The white slum lord.

Anyway to address the reason they call themselves that...they figger that they say it enough, and have the backing of the media. It is so. Just like a couple elections ago they changed the republican color from blue to red. with the blessing of the leftist media.

I was not surprised yesterday when Charlie Gibson of the Obama News Network was blaming the reps for making the 700bl bill fail. (good for them) He did fail to mention that they don't need one republican vote to pass it. I wonder why??

Col. Hogan said...


I have no idea how a freedom-oriented intellectual becomes the mentor personality for a group that's anti-capitalist, anti-self defense, anti-free speech, etc.

Just as I have no idea why Republicans have been singing the praises of FD Roosevelt these past couple of years.

Kent C said...

"Just as I have no idea why Republicans have been singing the praises of FD Roosevelt these past couple of years."

Yep that's grating for me too ;-) Although it's that FDR was 'popular' and sorry to say, 'effective'. I'm guessing there's liberals saying the same thing about some Dems that have praised Reagan since he died. I'm certain it wasn't some paradigmatic change.

Col. Hogan said...


Actually, I was thinking of Lionel Jefferson, as played by Mike Evans. He became, I believe, the son of "The Jeffersons" in later episodes, and on into the spin off series. At some point he was sent off to "live his life," and was no longer part of the story.

He was a leftist, and a buddy of the Stivics' against Archie's conservativism.

As to the rest, as any good leftist knows, if you tell a lie often enough, and loud enough, for a long enough time, it becomes the truth.

Kent C said...

Best thing about "All in the Family" is that it backfired on the liberals. Everyone loved Archie and hated Meathead. They wouldn't make that mistake again and they've honed it to a science, but they'll never see those ratings again either.

When I hear the Jefferson as a Democrat, I think of _Bill_ Jefferson (Wm.Jennings Jefferson - Dem. La)who was accused of $400,000 in bribes and had $90,000 cash in the fridge.

Kent C said...

One more ;-) I posted on Bidinotto's as well.

Why did Dodd and Obama vote 'Yea'?

So their contribution checks from Fannie Mae would clear. (rimshot)

Why is nobody laughing??

Col. Hogan said...


Back during the second season of "All in the Family," I fell in with a group of objectivists in OC, one of whom had a house party every week to watch the show. Afterward, we discussed issues raised in the episode, and laughed over the better lines--usually Archie's. I was a bit of a neophyte at the time, and thus listened much more than I talked, but it shows the early impact of such a show.

Good joke. As Mort Sahl used to say, "The true stuff is the funny stuff."