Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Current Attempted Ripoff Is Nothing New

The current attempt at "The Big Ripoff" of all productive Americans isn't without precedent. We've seen three or four of them in recent years, starting with the Chrysler Motors bailout of 1979.

Here's a particularly timely poem that fits today's situation every bit as well as it did when it was written, in 1936.

The Profits and Loss
By Berton Braley

From New Deal Ditties: or, Running in the Red with Roosevelt, 1936

When "planned economy" first began
It looked like a swell "idea" –
Until we learned it had no plan
And wasn't economee.

For the taxes rise and the budget's shot
And the New Deal costs are met
By spending money we haven't got
For things that we never get.

The Billions roll in mighty stream,
A regular tidal flood,
With the net result that each spending scheme
Bogs down in a sea of mud.

When plans and programs go all to pot
Do the New Deal planners fret?
Why no, they think up a brand new lot
Of schemes to spend what we haven't got
For things we will never get!

FDR managed to turn a banking crisis into a ten-year depression. Today's elected officeholders seem to be determined to repeat the process.

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Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


The Wine Commonsewer said...

A lot of people claim that WW II brought us out of the depression but the fact is it don't do no good to have money with no goods to spend it on.

I'd say the depression lasted 15 years, not ten.

Col. Hogan said...


I still have WWII ration books for my food and meds when I was a bambino. It didn't matter if the folks had money--they could only get so much Gerbers. And many other things.

There was plenty of propaganda, though. No shortages of politicians' lies, then or now.