Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies And Filthy Lies

Yesterday, Guber Schwarzengroper was heard to say, "The budget problems plaguing Colliefornia are caused by the worldwide monetary crisis." (May not be a precise quote, but it's close.)

That, Ahnold, is a filthy lie. Colliefornia's budget problems go back for decades, and are exacerbated by each guber in his turn. Ahnold, your predecessor was recalled for overspending, and you've spent much, much more than he.

I don't want to leave out the State Legislature, as irrational a gang of thieves as can be seen this side of Washington DC.

The Stalag's War on Productivity is the real cause of most of Our fiscal woes. If the state would deregulate and cut taxes, entrepreneurial money would flow into the state in a flood, and the state would not only need less money, but would have more.

Much of this is not addressed by Michael Kaminski in his editorial comment in yesterday. While he recognizes that der Guber had a rare opportunity to bring some bit of responsibility to the Colliefornia tax-and-spend system, he cuts Ahnold quite a bit of line by suggesting that he was stopped at his first attempt--the ill fated popular referendum which would've imposed a "hard state spending cap, limit the unions' political buying power, tighten requirements for teacher tenure, and overhaul a gerrymandered state political map."

An ambitious first step, perhaps too sweeping for most of Colliefornia's short-attention-span entertainers, surfer bums and welfare queens, but it would've been better than worse. Perhaps one issue at a time might've been better.

After this single beating by the very large Colliefornia airhead caucus, macho man Ahnold spontaneously transformed himself into girlie-man Ahnold and slinked off to hide behind Maria's skirts. He metamorphosed into Algore while no one was looking.

While I'll freely admit that Ahnold wasn't wholly at fault--really, most of the blame goes deservedly to the Colliefornia State Legislature--he was the one, as Kaminski states, with the political capital who, with a tiny bit of clever posturing with the public and a small amount of ability to roll with the punch and emerge on his feet, could've succeeded in bringing the state budget back into a surplus situation.

He simply gave up the capital and decided he wanted to be liked. And like every other conservative or semi0-conservative in recent decades, he's still not liked by the left.

And Colliefornia is becoming France. As my pal The Wine Commonsewer might say, "we even have the top quality wine!"

There will be a number of ballot measures that, if passed, will seal our fates as wards of the state. They will be on ballot in a special election in May. Of course, those of us into self preservation will vote against them all. The only question will be whether there are more airhead entertainers, surfer bums and welfare queens--who actually vote--to lift another 10% or so of our earnings and transfer them into their pockets.

The Colliefornia Children's Prison System against those of us who think.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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