Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spoiled Brat in the White House

We all might have heard it it on Friday. It was on many tv stations--more than his predecessor typically got. I watched/listened to part of it, but who can actually listen to a thievin' politician's blather for more than a minute or two? A fairly good AP article can be found on Yahoo news here.

Seems the new Messiah has decided to combat the ill effects of nearly a century of deficit spending by doubling the spending(!). We "little people" know (even if we don't always follow the knowledge) that, if you run short of cash, you curtail spending until a more financially favorable equilibrium is reached. Obviously one of the qualifications for the job of President of the United States is that you be unaware of this fact.

Every President (rhetoric aside) in the past hundred years, with the willing collaboration of Congress, has engaged in, and touted the benefits of, deficit spending. The national debt climbs every year (with very few exceptions) and has been climbing like the fallacious global warming "hockey stick" in recent years. B Hussein promises to bring the handle of the hockey stick to near-vertical.

Obama has decided, after reading the Keynes book, How to Destroy a National Economy, to throw away a trillion dollars on wasteful bailouts of failed corporations and pork barrel spending on projects no sane entrepreneur would touch.

Pools are starting up all over the world as to when the bailed out corporations (corpses) will need to be bailed out again. Several of the pools were started up too late. Several failed financial institutions are about to receive further infusions of phantom federal money, having spent the first gift of billions on parties, retreats and bonuses.

The Republicans in the House (many of them) followed the Democrats like sheep. The Republicans in the Senate balked. No one has challenged the Keynes book, or the new Caesar's nonsensical assertions that this will be of benefit to Americans.

It will not.

But the Republicans in the Senate did, at least, vote against this preposterous construct.

Hence Caesar's foot stomping tantrum Friday, during the speech that followed his violin lesson. He screamed that "we don't want to let them (the Republicans) define us." Sorry, Your Majesty, but you've already defined yourselves--as economic morons and petulant thieves. I thought the Boomers were the spoiled brats of the 21st Century, but you children of the Flower Children have learned your "world owes us a living" lessons well.

We know from fifty years of recent history that the thing Republican office holders do best is fold under pressure, and I'm expecting that this will be no exception. The only question here becomes: Were republicans born spineless, or was the spine part of the payment for achieving office?

Unlike many, I don't think our children and grandchildren will have to pay these debts. I don't think they'll have the money. Well, check that: the ultimate repudiation of the national debt will likely be accompanied by another world war at which our descendants will pay the debt in blood and lives.

With states following very similar fiscal paths, I seriously expect that the face of the once-free country in which we live will be radically altered in our own lifetimes.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Glen Litsinger said...

The pendulum swings...

Republicans regrow some backbone in a non-election year after being thumped by the Dems last year. The fog lifts from their minds, and they remember that their true base hates big government - amazing! So far none of them have acknowledged that Ron Paul was right all along, as far as I can tell. Let's not give the sniveling little hypocrites too much credit until they do that, at least.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, as you so honestly point out, have made not a peep about restoring the civil liberties the disgraced Republicans stole from us. Could it be that they are sniveling hypocrites too? Could it be that they like the idea of their guy in the White House being a virtual dictator? NO!!! Just listen to them deny the charge, if and when some intrepid reporter steps up to the mike and makes it.

(Sigh). The political and economic groundhogs saw their shadow, and we're in for a long winter. Bundle up.

Chatelaine said...

"I seriously expect that the face of the once-free country in which we live will be radically altered in our own lifetimes."

That's been on my mind too, Col. I think that this country will never be the same again. It really worries me.

Anonymous said...

They'll do their very best to drag you down the path to socialism and servitude C.H. fortunately for them enough out there think that bail-out money is really free money and that no one actually made it first before it was doled out.

Col. Hogan said...


As noted in Bill St Clair's "America in Chains" gadget, which was timed to the election day that Democrats returned to a majority in the House and San Fran Nan became Speaker, it's been 834 days. Democrats have thus far done absolutely nothing to put an end to the atrocities perpetrated by the GWB Administration. A part of the campaigns of many of these Joe Stalin wannabes was that they would.

No one is taking about abolishing the evil and unConstitutional Homeland Security, the laughably misnamed Patriot Act, and all the draconian abuses enabled by them. No one has proposed the abolishment of the alphabet soup federal gestapo agencies--many of which we know little about--such as FBI, BATFE, FDA, DEA, (one could go on....and on) whose job seems to be to harass and imprison individuals whether they've injured others or not.

America has more individuals incarcerated, per capita, than any other country on earth save Russia. We already know Republicans won't do anything about it. Well, I guess we also know the Democrats are in league with them, and in lockstep.

Col. Hogan said...

Lady Chatelaine,

Having been carousing around various parts of this planet for a very long time, I've been witness to a criminal diminishment of our freedom and government's recognition of our rights.

One small example: in the late 1950's, in the wake of both WWII and Korea, my dad told me the sum total of all his federal, state and local taxes was about 10%. Now, we're easily topping 50%, with draconian regulation wasting even more of our precious time.

You can't get a politician to truthfully answer the question,"How much is too much?"

Every one of Jefferson's grievances enumerated in the Declaration of Independence against Britain's King George III has been committed by the US federal government.

Probably, large numbers of individuals won't see a problem until they find that there is no money left for food. I'm beginning to think I might see that day.

By then, we'd better have a safe place to hide.

Col. Hogan said...


I hope you had a fine holiday!

Since the US is still the most productive country on earth, and the socialists are trying to spread that wealth over the entire third world, it will get worse that you suggest.

If the US fails, other (more or less) free countries will topple fast.

Example: Some individuals in countries with socialized medicine, come to the US for health care. If the US goes to socialized medicine, it'll go the same way as has the industry in GB, Australia, Canada, etc. But then, there will be no place to go for good health care--and innovation will come to an end.

There will be a planet-wide die down (the prospect of which pleases the greens), followed by a new feudal system, in which the survivors will be forced to work as tenant farming slaves on bits of land, required to pay a portion of their crops to their local lords.