Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Moslems, Muslims, Mooslims*

I was thinking about writing a big rant about those idiots at Newsweek, having irresponsibly published the (presumably erroneous, but who knows?) story about the American interrogators having desecrated the koran, qoran, goran at the Gitmo concentration camp, but it led me to a more important angle.

If I said I'm not particularly religious, I'd be soft-peddling. I was brought up episcopalian which as George Carlin once said, is catholic lite. That said, I can't remember ever actually believing in the existence of any sort of god. Ok, maybe Thor. This to let you know that, though I probably retain a little residual christian psychology, I have no particular religious bias.

I dislike them all.

That said, my topic du jour has to do with the way a couple of the world's major religions deal with life in the modern world.

Five centuries or so in the past, christians killed each other in the most hideous ways imaginable, and on the least pretext--usually based on the victim's presumed pietal challenges. Priests oversaw mass-murder factories in the dungeons below their own cathedrals. The local monarch helped out by conducting mass public executions of any of those who survived the torture chambers (usually by confessing to a capital crime).

Well, in today's world, christianity has mellowed. The main battle these days is whether or not there can be a nativity scene in the public square, or the ten commandments in the courthouse, or a christmas play at a government school. People are rarely killed, except for the occasional gynecologist.

On the other hand, if even a rumor of an act of sacrilege reaches the ears of any islamic witch doctor, all (islamic version of) hell breaks loose. Gee bloody had! People die. If they can't find any infidels to kill, they'll kill each other. These people (seemingly) are psychotic. American muslims seem a mite closer to sanity, but those wack-jobs in the Middle East seem to enjoy strapping dynamite to their own kids and sending them off to crowded places.

Salman Rushdie, to this day, probably doesn't take many long walks alone at night.

In a sane world, these psychos would suicide bomb themselves into early extinction. Unfortunately, American and European leftists seem to idolize these (I'm not sure if I should call them) people.

As little as four or five years ago American leftists roundly opined that Israel could do virtually no worng. How times change.

I'm rambling a mite, but I find it apalling that European and American leftists can forgive any arab atrocity, yet if a few perverts embarass some arab prisoners, and it trumps Treblinka.

*Ken, your quarter is in the mail.

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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Ol' BC said...

Ah, Colonel. Very well observed. I'm going to link to this. Hope you don't mind.