Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hit the Dirt! He's Got a Nail Gun!

Yesterday, as just about everyone who wasn't spending the day at Disneyland knows, much of Washington was shut down because of a report of gunshots in the Rayburn Building near the Capitol. Read about it in a Washington Post story here. Seems that US Representative The Most Honorable Jim Saxton, (R) New Jersey, while riding in an elevator, heard what he though sounded like a series of gunshots. Alarmed, he immediately phoned 411 and asked for the phone number to 911.

Without going into the relative benefits to productive individuals all over these Untied Skates, of a Washington DC shut-down, there are a number of issues that might be observed and mentioned.

All Americans have the (Second Amendment) right to "keep and bear arms," which means, to have and, if necessary use tools of self defense. Laws put in place by the various federal, state and local governments run afoul of this right, and government's minions minions, those charged and sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States, betray that oath and deny that mandate utterly.

Government enforces this betrayal by projecting, in a host of ways, fear of personal weaponry. Fear of self defense is taught in schools. News stories overwhelmingly are skewed against personal self defense. Even the police who, one might think, would find that effective personal self defense would make their job much easier (it's worked wherever it's been tried) and would actually advise individuals under attack by criminals to meekly comply with their demands.

What, one might ask, has this to do with the incident in Washington DC?

US Representative Jim Saxton (R) NJ is afraid of guns. Scared to death of them. Nearly everyone in the Untied Skates is afraid of guns. A fair percentage of those who live west of the Mississip' are to be excluded from that count (exepting those who live on the west coast--the big cities in Stalag California, Oregon and Washington) but almost every American has been taught to fear guns and self defense.

Convenience store clerks should bow their heads and allow themselves to be shot by any stray gang thug who's trying to build a rep.

US Representative Jim Saxton (R) NJ turned in the alarm when he heard the sound of nail guns. Hundreds of law enforcement officers from several Washington DC police agencies responded (The sounds of Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! still echo through the hallways of the Rayburn Building). Hundreds of marching morons at rates of pay between $25 and $75 per hour. Hundreds more in lockdown in the buildings affected.

All someone actually had to do was ask, "Hey! What was that?"

I want US Representative Jim Saxton (R) NJ to pay for all this overreaction out of his personal fortune (which has undoubtedly become mucho enhanced during his tenure in the House). Then, he should familiarize himself a little more about what a real handgun sounds like.

Were he not so afraid of guns, and not such a coward, he could've investigated the noise himself, his own personal weapon handy, and scared the crap out of a few carpenters.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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