Thursday, May 25, 2006

Julie, Get Your Gun

Many of my acquaintances wonder why I'm such a gun nut. Well, here's one reason. I don't know if Bill Kelly's short tale is literally true or not. He doesn't actually say--but if you read or watch the news with any kind of regularity, you've seen that this sort of thing happens fairly often, over the length and breadth of these Untied Skates.

A few years ago, before Smith & Wesson sold its soul to Bill Clinton-Rodham, they had started to market light-weight, small-framed revolvers to women. The weapons still exist; not only does S&W still market them, but they've appeared in the form of copycat revolvers by firms like Taurus, Rossi, and probably some others.

In my never humble opinion, any woman who is ever alone ought to be carrying a pistol, or at the very least, pepperspray. This after (important!) learning to shoot the pistol--at your neighborhood indoor range, preferably after having taken a combat lesson. (They're fun!) If you opt for pepper spray, waste one of them checking it out. Make sure you do it in the open, and stay upwind while you're spraying it about.

While I'd never carry a firearm in violation of the law (wink, wink!), I always carry pepper spray and a number of other legal items useful for doing damage to an attacker: a pocket knife, a couple of pens and a fairly substantial keychain.

I'd carry a blackjack if it was legal here in the sadly socialist Stalag. It's funny: one faces worse penalties for possessing a blackjack (or brass knuckles, etc), which normally aren't lethal, than for illegally carrying a handgun. A blackjack is a helluva weapon, but one that almost can't kill someone.

Hey! I'm an old man. I can't go toe-to-toe with these twenty-five-year-old thugs--any more than your average 110-pound woman can outthump a 220-pound rapist.

I'm all for martial arts. I wish I had learned some of that stuff when I was in my teens or twenties, but I didn't. Not many of us did.

The sooner the fascists are subdued, and we the people can take advantage of the wonderful rights enumerated in not only the Second Amendment, but also the whole of the Bill of Rights, the better off we all will be able to make ourselves.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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