Sunday, August 13, 2006

....Because We Said So!

An old socialist in my virtual acquaintance, who seems to buy into the blatherings of the likes of Algore, Robt Kennedy, Jr and their sort wrote the following, when pressed about their personal extravegances, and I quote:

"And if he travels by [private] jet to educate millions of people on green living, the accumulated impact overcomes the amount of energy he consumes."

Now, I've written about some of this before here, and again here, and here.

I am getting a mite tired of all this global warming crap and maybe lost my patience with the man. I sent out the following rant, which reads not too badly, if I say so myself....I have to say so myself, nobody else will.


"That's what the gods of totalitarianism always say. Hitler and his generals lived luxuriously while German citizens went hungry. Lenin ate caviar while Russians starved. Castro wears custom-tailored fatigues while Cubans wear rags originally sold during Batista's time.

"Wannabe courtiers and apologists forgive it in the hopes of gaining favor with His Worship, and perhaps they really do think the dictator is better than they. Perhaps he is. But he's not better than I.

"Those who see clearly know that the dictator is but a smooth-talking con man, with delusions of grandeur and a psychotic need for power over others.

"There is no man-made global warming nor anything of the sort.

"Those who are familiar with the concept, "The Big Lie," know that if you repeat a falsehood loud enough, often enough and put a lot of pseudo-authority behind it, pretty soon many easily-led folks will believe it.

"Once the "True Believer" makes the lie his, it's virtually impossible to change what's left of his mind. "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." as I've heard said.

"I will never be green, in any way the evil Ralph Nader--or Algore--means. I will probably wear green on (or near) March 17th each year. The odd pint of beer will accompany the wearin' o' th' green.

"Meanwhile, I'll drive my three classic cars, all of which have V8's and 4-bbl carbs. I'll keep my HVAC pegged at 74 and I'll keep enough lights on to light my way. Algore can roll that up into one of his very own home-grown cigars (grown on his own tobacco farm) and stick it into whichever personal orifice he deems proper."

I know that the earth will get along just fine without my help; it has done so for untold millions of years. I don't quite get the irrational self-importance involved in these "green" idiots actually thinking that their use or non-use of air conditioners and automobiles will actually have an effect on the workings of the planet, but I think there's lotsa work for a psychiatrist within their pointy little heads.

Planet Earth is going to last for millions of years still, and if we humans should somehow manage to wear it out, we will have long since found other new planets to use.

They've killed freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Ol' BC said...

Beautiful. Now you have at least one who concurs.

Michael Stone said...

Way to tell 'em to get stuffed!

Col. Hogan said...

Like communism, the global warming theory has been so shot full of holes by every rational critic, yet the morons march along, hup, two, three four......