Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Would Isolationism Really Be Worse Than This?

The United States has helped just about every nation on earth, one time or another, and sends aid money to many "developing" nations (read primitive totalitarian dictatorships). We're there to help in every natural disaster with both public and private aid. We try to humanely intervene in international struggles and help sooth the disagreements.

It never works. Most of the nations of the world regard United States to be arrogant and controlling. The United Nations, a body that wouldn't exist without our efforts, is basically anti-American. Even countries which would no longer exist, but for our help, side against us more often than not.

I don't entirely blame them.

A hundred years or so ago, the United States of America was a country to be emulated by emerging countries all around the world. We had very nearly perfect liberty. Our government protected our rights, but was not intrusive. Individuals could determine their own futures to a degree never seen on earth before or since. Advancements were being made by these same individuals, in both technology and philosophy, to a degree we can't equal today.

In spite of all that, we've become the country 'pon which blame for all the earth's ills have been affixed. Some of it is justified. Most of it isn't.

Face it. The United States federal government is and has been for over 100 years, unbelievably inept at international relations. Like one might imagine of the antiMidas, everything we've touched has turned to sh(fecal matter)t.

Our dipsh(fecal matter)tlomats get us into wars, both trade and shooting, without exception, with every alliance or treaty signed or attempted. No nation should ever regard itself a super power or a world leader.

It's been the height of arrogance on the part of the neocons that, since Reagan put a well-deserved end to USSR--for which we deserve the world's thanks--they think our intelligence agencies, our state department, our diplomatic corps and our military are infallible, omniscient, godlike.

Meanwhile, everything they touch turns to sh(fecal matter)t.

I propose that the federal government tend to the internal affairs of the United States exclusively and not communicate in any way with foreigners. I propose that the US military and all intelligence agencies suspend foreign adventure and devote all of its resources to protecting the United States from attack by foreigners--either governments, individuals or groups.

In the interest of trade, I propose that the private firm that wishes to conduct international trade, do so in the absence of any government action, and at their own risk. What problems they get themselves into, they must get themselves out of.

If individuals wish to travel outside the borders of the US, they must do so at their own risk, and get themselves out of any trouble in which they find themselves.

I suspect that those nations that want to engage in trade or that favor international tourism will take steps to make their country receptive to foreign visitors.

Our government has botched things so badly that we ought to look into criminal prosecutions of those incompetents who can be shown in a court of law to have caused difficulty.

I'm up to here with the criminal negligence that resides in Washington DC.

These people need to be looked after!


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Ol' BC said...

Wouldn't that be awesome? I think we would all be better off. The rest of the world may be crippled though, which would may the liberal persuasion very uncomfortable.

Col. Hogan said...

In the short run, no more foreign aid. In the long run, though, honest trade between international producers, leaving government out of the transactions, could only be good for all.