Monday, August 14, 2006

He Almost Made an Absolute Statement

He caught himself in mid-sentence. Just in the nick of time.

'Twas John Edwards, the once and future failed candidate for President of the United States. Yup, the same John Edwards who almost made John Kerry look good. The hack shyster who has made life miserable for obstetricians throughour the country by using criminally sleazy tricks to fool juries into making huge awards to mothers with real and imagined problem births and overly lengthy labors. His quasi-legal arguments have served to increase malpractice insurance premiums to impossible levels for obstetricians all around the country.

Just moments before he was exposed for the sleazeball he is by his critics, he stepped aside to attempt an even sleazier career, that of another kind of quasi-legal theft: politics.

His lackluster run that ended up with his accepting the Vice-Presidential nomination of the evil Democrat Party and that campaign's subsequent failure, seems to have taught him nothing. He's in Iowa again.

Eschewing the Iowa State Fair (a major blunder in its own right), he's kissing hands and shaking babies elsewhere in the state.

Now, I may have the name of the restaurant wrong--I didn't hear it clearly, but the important thing is, Williams sad the following:
"[Butterman's] has the of the best burgers on the planet."

Almost a huge blunder. Almost an absolute statement. How could he ever again offer an insincere complement to another burger joint had he said what he almost said? "[Butterman's] has the best burgers on the planet."

Boy, I'll tell ya, that lawyer training sure saved his bacon that time! Shows you just how hard a job it is, running for the job of thievin'-parasite-in-chief of this country.


Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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