Monday, December 11, 2006

Darwin Was Wrong--It's Survival of the Wimpiest

I wonder how these pampered, oh, so easily offended wimps that man the supposedly high stress and high-responsibility positions in the many levels of the parasite class. I wrote here, just the other day, about the alleged fire fighter, Tennie Pierce. He's the "man" who is suing El Pueblo de Los Angeles for a fat retirement 'cause some of his mischievous coworkers spiked his spaghetti with dog food. Boo-hoo! This in spite of Pierce's having been party to several hazings and pranks himself.

The courthouse records from around the nation are fairly thick with lawsuits by civil leeches who have sued (and often won) for all manner of trivial offenses, slights and insults by coworkers and the general public. One wonders how America ever became the world's richest and most comfortable country in which to live one's life.

Did Sears sue Roebuck for placing his name first on the sign? Did Davidson sue Harley for being taller and better looking? Were the Wright brothers in court over who got to wear the goggles?

When I worked for a fairly large engineering firm, some years ago, at one point we had a mandatory sexual harassment lecture. The lecture was given by a very attractive middle-aged woman, who at one point instructed us that even the act of "looking a female coworker up and down" could be construed as sexual harassment. One wonders whether doing the same to a male coworker will get the same degree of condemnation.

My observation was, "Ms *****, how do you react to the fact that, if men had not been looking female coworkers up and down in past decades, many of us wouldn't exist today." While my comment got a satisfying amount of guffaws from my coworkers (male and female), I got little more than an icy smile from Ms *****.

A blurb in Chuck Muth's "DC Confidential" list goes as follows:

"* A female Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) captain has filed a half-million lawsuit against the force alleging a "hostile work environment." The hostilities include being called names like "The Princess," and being told by colleagues she looked good in uniform. Oh, and "someone put a McDonald's application in her in-box one day." Good grief. If the woman can't handle things this petty, how in the world can she deal with gang-bangers, murderers and thieves? And how did such a fragile little flower rise to the rank of captain in the police force in the first place? Can you say "political correctness" and "affirmative action," boys and girls?"

This story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal gives a little more insight, though I haven't been able to find the original news story.

The details aren't important to my purpose here, which is to point out that, compared to men and women of yore, most of today's adults, especially those in civil service, are complete __________ (fill in your favorite epithet that refers to an utter inability to function in the real world). One wonders why these inept men and women want to pursue careers as police officers or fire fighters when they can't even function under the normal tension-lessening give-and-take in which people in dangerous careers have been engaging for decades, if not centuries.

I really dread the day that I need any sort of government-monopoly emergency aid. The megablunder that was government's (at all levels) emergency response to Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel is only the tip of the iceburg, folks. Be really careful with matches.

I fear for the health of the Republic.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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