Friday, February 16, 2007

Parasites--Same the World Over

I always thought the state legislature here in the Stalag was the single most useless body of wasted humanity 'pon this planet, next to the (nearly) whole of Washington DC. It may still be the case, but I'd like to enter, for your consideration, the North Dakota State House. Much smaller and less opulently endowed than that of the Stalag, it still manages to waste money (extorted from others) to a degree that, I'm sure, holds its own on a per-capita basis.

In a story on the site (with additional commentary from Ole Bjugstadt of Finley, North Dakota), we find that, in a rare show of restraint, the North Dakota State House rejected a measure to honor Bono, of the rock band U2, for his efforts to relieve the debt of third world countries (presumably debt to us, here in the United States).

Bono, who has worked very hard throughout his youth to make a success of the band U2, and who now is enjoying the bountiful fruits of his labors, has been hob-nobbing with Hollywood "philanthropists," and has learned from them the means of becoming well thought of in the larger society (outside of the world of rock 'n' roll).

You simply announce that you wish to help the poor, then you talk other people into doing it with their money. Then, you take credit for the whole thing.

An Assemblyman from Fargo submitted the bill to the august body, even though Bono has no connection whatever with the State of North Dakota and, to my knowledge, has never even been in North Dakota. One Assemblyman was heard to say that he thought they meant the late Sony Bono.

Some say U2 gave a concert in Fargo once, but the truly savvy know that it was actually Babe's Bitch, a garage band from Brainerd, filling in for them on an occasion in which they accidentally booked two locations on the same night. After they costumed themselves in "depressing European suicide rock band" drag, each of the members of Babe's Bitch drank a pint of Canadian Club before the concert to be able to truly look convincing in the role.

Major music critics have yet to weigh in on the success of the concert, and many Fargo concert attendees said they enjoyed the music, though one fan who traveled down from Winnipeg said he thought the singer sounded Norwegian.

Fortunately, a majority of the state's Assembly didn't hit the Canadian Club on this occasion and cooler heads prevailed. Bono will have to, for the time being, remain "just another Irishman" in the records of the North Dakota State Assembly.

Yet another thing for Europeans to hold against America.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California


Dee said...

hey col! i saw your post at AWH and followed your homepage link here
interesting article here
you might be interested in this: (sorry about the whole link but haloscan wouldn't allow the html short form) it's an article in one of our sydney papers on how the oh-so-enlightened U2 which has harangued the western governments repeatedly to increase their contributions to the developing world has been evading tax!! how ironic i think since he expects the governments to use the taxes of the ordinary people (who don't earn billions like him) to the cause Bono must be nice to live in such rarefied air!
i'm going to have to post a rant on my own site now!

Col. Hogan said...


Thanks! I'll check out your site.

I find it very sad, especially in light of the fact that I once toyed with the idea of emigrating to the land of Oz, that they've outlawed self-defense there. I'm a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment (as well as the entire Bill of Rights) and insist 'pon carrying my weapons with me to wherever I go.

This while fully recognizing that the pro-crime segment of American society is constantly trying to limit our ability to defend ourselves.

Good day!