Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Modest Proposal

Mexico is a very wonderful, beautiful and resources-rich country of about 110 million population. It has one of the more corrupt governments in this hemisphere, which manages to keep almost all of its people poor, and without much hope for self-improvement within the country's legal system (such as it is).

The only hope for a reasonably comfortable life for many Mexicans is to go north, to one of the United States, in hopes of finding menial, though somewhat steady, work at several times the salary they can earn in their home country. Estimates are that around 12 million illegal aliens, mostly Mexicans, have entered California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the past twenty-five years. Many have moved north and east to other states, and and can be found anywhere.

Working. Doing menial and lower-paid jobs that most Americans, used to the quasi-benefits of the US welfare state, will not deign to accept.

Accurate estimates are difficult, because of the illegal nature of their entry. Many of them work "off book" and few records exist on their histories and whereabouts. Also, many "compassionate" civil agencies, in accordance with their employees' quest to actually do less and less work, take care not to learn whether a particular Hispanic-looking individual is here legally.

Because most of these individuals are leading a sort of "black market" existence, it follows that they pay relatively little in taxes, compared to their legally employed neighbors. They pay sales tax, of course, when they make retail purchases, and vice taxes for cigarettes and liquor, and they pay assorted other taxes that exist as part of retail purchases. They often don't pay income taxes, payroll taxes nor property taxes.

This becomes problematic for money-hungry bureaucrats as they realize that some of these people have families here, with children, all availing themselves of public education, emergency medical care and the many subsidized services that are covered by public funds.

Estimates are that each illegal alien in any of the United States receives as much as $20 thousand more each year in public services than he pays in taxes.

America's federal politicians, not to mention a large minority of state and local office holders, seem to want to ignore these losses out of "compassion" which in Political Speak equals votes.

My proposal is as follows:

Since the approximate number of Mexican who reside and work in the various United States is approximately 12 million, or roughly a tenth of the entire population of Mexico, I propose that the federal government annex approximately a tenth of the physical area of Mexico, as territory of the United States, to perhaps become one or more States of the United States.

For reasons both practical and humanitarian, I propose that the federal government allow current residents to stay or leave, at their own convenience and pleasure. I further propose that private property owners retain title to their property, to keep or sell. Public property within the territory should be sold by the US federal government to the highest bidder, the money used to pay down the government's debts. Development of these lands will stimulate America's economy very nicely.

I propose that the lands selected be Mexican states bordering along the edge of US States, for example, the Mexican states of Baja California and Baja California Sur, which are south of California, along with Tamaulipas, which is south of Texas, are equal to just over a tenth of the just over a tenth of the area of Mexico.

If Mexican citizens continue to enter the various United States illegally, the federal government could then select other bordering Mexican states to help offset the costs of transitioning those individuals and families into our way of life.

It seems like it'd be good for both the United States and Mexico, since American entrepreneurs are constantly looking for investments, and since Mexico seems to have difficulty controlling various parts of its territory. It will ease the financial and societal burdens incurred by the transition of these individuals and families into our society. Conversely, it'll ease the burdens on the government of Mexico.

It seems like a win-win transaction!

Warm regards,

Jonny Quick, Guest Blogger.


Dee said...

Jonny Quick, certainly an original and lateral idea. It certainly has its merits and considering the intolerable situation that exists right now, there's certainly a need for a bit of creative thinking. Do you think the Mexican state should have any differences in government? It would probably influence the outcomes of American elections a bit. But interesting idea.

MK said...

I've heard that some Mexican groups in America are pushing to 'Mexicanize' America, that's a stupid idea to me.

This sounds better, Americanize bits of Mexico slowly, after all mexicans are all leaving for America and their government doesn't want to stop them, so rather bring America to them rather than the other way round.

Col. Hogan said...


Jonny Quick says he can foresee the local Mexican state government replaced by a US-style constitutional territorial government. He envisions US entrepreneurial money funding all manner of business, including mineral exploitation and tourist attractions, providing jobs for residents who opt not to move to the other Mexican states.

Col. Hogan said...


A quasi-college club called M.E.Ch.A ( ) has long held that the areas of the US Southwest that were once settled primarily by Mexicans, should be returned to Mexico. This would include all or parts of seven states.

Aurora said...

Col., the only problem I would see is that trying to impose an idea like that would probably turn into another Iraq with the Left bashing us and many Mexicans seeing it as imperialist expansion. Although the Mexicans travel up north in droves to a better lifestyle, the don't have the same political mindset as seen by the way they vote in the U.S. and by the fact that they continually vote in corrupt government (not that they have much choice granted)

Col. Hogan said...
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Col. Hogan said...

Perhaps a spot of American arrogance on Jonny's part, assuming those folks would want to become Americans. IMO, we'd have to become a lot more solidly American (as in the 19th century) to make it work. Back then, the world of opportunity was wide open for anyone with an idea and some intelligence--for some, even the intelligence was optional. I'm sure many poor Mexicans, newly become Americans, would sieze the opportunities--in fact, many of them did!

Today's peones, both Mexican and American, accustomed to depending 'pon government for everything, will not even check to see if they have bootstraps.

For example, it was with a huge degree of shame that I observed the apparent utter helplessnes of the residents of New Orleans before, during and after Hurrican Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Ol' BC said...

Well, Colonel,add to this proposal a national sales tax to replace the Internal Revenue Service and fairness would have some foothold. We would collect taxes from not only the illegals, but those engaged in illegal activities who pay no taxes. The law abiding folks would pay less.