Sunday, May 13, 2007

Planes, Trains, Guns and Automobiles

I've long known that the real, deep down reason why collectivists hate technology is that they hate life. They hate our increasing success at life. They hate our love of life. They will expend any effort to sabotage that which we, each of whom is successful at enjoying his life, his efforts to enjoy it and the products thereof.

It's difficult to examine the motivations behind the destructive efforts of collectivists in a short article, and their reasons. There is a short answer: Envy. Collectivists envy the happiness of the independent individual and, unable or unwilling to ask and answer the questions necessary to achieve any degree of happiness, their only consolation lies in attempts to destroy the happiness of others.

This is the source of government regulation of business and industry. It's the source of blue laws, vice laws and other "victimless crimes." It's the reason for movies, novels and stories that cast achievers as villains and industrialists as predators. Today, it's the source of this "global warming" foolishness. And, it's the source of the federal government's unjustifiable notion that we are to be the world's policeman.

Ayn Rand writes to expose collectivists as the saboteurs of human happiness, as do L Neil Smith, Robert A Heinlein and a host of others.

Today, I'm trying to catch up on my subscription to The New Individualist. I'm reading the Soliloquy column, by Robert Bidinotto, which is entitled, "Cheerleaders for American Defeat." Now, I'm not a fan of the war, if one can properly call it a war, in Iraq. 'Twas the evil al queda who were behind the attack 'pon America's most recognizable trade and military buildings, and it should be al queda against whom our military efforts ought to be directed.

In spite of denials, I think attacking Iraq was an unnecessary sidetrack; a personal, and not-very-well-thought-out vendetta on the part of the President. He has often said that the "War on Terror" will not be won quickly nor easily. It's my opinion that his actions are designed to make sure of that.

But, I digress.

My opinion of the war doesn't excuse Bidinotto's "cheerleaders." His point is that the only kind of war in which the US ought be involved is of the altruistic variety--in which there is no national interest to the United States, and in which some third world dictatorship hopes to extract more money from the productive members of the United States by creating a crisis only we (the world's policeman) can solve.

Another aspect that Mr Bidinotto points out is that "manifestations of self-assertion and self-interest--guns, the automobile, space exploration, big businessmen, material luxuries, economic profits, cities, the capitalist system itself--are so widely damned" by the left. As the tools for, and products of our productivity, they're detested by the world's parasites because we've worked for them and we've earned them--which they're unwilling or unable to do.

That's why I smile when I see a Rolls or a Bentley cruising along the road. It's nice to know such things are possible, and that they could be possible for me!

They've killed Freedom! Those bastards!

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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MK said...

I share your sentiments C.H. I often hear people on the radio telling us that life is tough out there for a lot of people, yes that is true and I feel for them. But they lose me when I start hearing a thinly veiled accusatory slant to their speech. It's as if those who have money somehow didn't earn it or that it's everyone else's fault that some are struggling.

When you see a Bentley or a Merc or whatever out there, don't envy the guy who owns it, instead figure out how to earn one yourself.