Friday, July 13, 2007

Algorians Sealing Their Own Doom

I've just finished reading probably the best description of the theories of global warming (remember, they are just theories!) as seemingly espoused by the Chicken Little Squad. According to Gary Jason, in his Liberty Magazine article, Global Warming, Stifling Debate, there are two theories.

The first is the "Narrow Theory," which is basically the facts as presented by partisan "scientists," which are rationally plausible, but which I largely disagree. Since I'm no expert in this area, my opinion is subject to modification as more is learned and corroborated.

The other, with which any rational individual must disagree vehemently, for a host of reasons, Jason calls the "Grand Theory." The Grand Theory not only contains the Narrow Theory, but also includes the moral assumptions and the policy prescriptions, that is, the Religion of Global Warming. The Grand theory is the source of almost all of the contention, since it also includes an assault 'pon the American system, 'pon the relative liberty enjoyed by the people of most of the industrialized world, and, indeed, 'pon sentient life on this planet.

The logical result of the application of the tenets of the Grand Theory would be a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. As recorded in ancient history--mostly through archaeological examination--the planet can only support a few million very hardy individuals in this way. None of them will enjoy very long lifespans.

Interestingly, the transitional period between the adoption of the wishes of the algorians and the beginning of a stabilized hunter-gatherer world, in which current technology is gradually used up and forgotten, is called the "die-down." There'd be hoarding, robbing, killing, hiding, cannibalism, slavery and epidemics. It would not be a very enjoyable time to try to exist.

What's the worst thing that would probably happen if the tenets of the Narrow Theory actually occurred? Some useless land might be flooded by changes in the level of the seas, and there'd be a more-or-less equal increase in land that would be arable.

Algore, in his self-styled holiness, has not thought far enough ahead to realize that should his world-wrecking dreams come to fruition, he will be one of the early victims.

The Ice Age cometh.

Warm regards,

Col. Hogan
Stalag California

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ron said...

Hunter gatherers? they forgot that there would still be 6.5 billion hunter gatherers flatulating greenhouse gases. And from what I know about farmers and hunters they have more gas than than white collar workers.
Do we have a figure on that little oversight?